How to Start a Mobile Detailing Franchise in 2022

May 6, 2020

Used car dealerships and car rental lots are in regular need of mobile detailing services. In a robust economy, car rentals increase, whereas, automotive trades increase in a slow economy. In fact, a bear market can mean more used cars on the lot – in turn, more need for a mobile detailing business to get them ready for resale. 

The unique feature of a mobile detailing business is its ability to successfully scale, from a single owner-run franchise to a full fleet – in just a few years. Starting any business takes hard work and dedication, but a mobile detailing business offers you a high rate of return on investment in a short timeline.

How to Start an Automotive Mobile Detailing Business

An automotive mobile detailing business provides cleaning and maintenance services to automotive dealerships, rental facilities, and other vehicle fleets. A mobile detailers job includes both, the interior, and exterior. The best mobile detailing services also perform automotive material repair and maintenance, such as leather seat repair and color dye matching.

A mobile detailer works from a custom-fit truck, which enables a single individual to service an entire car lot in a matter of a few hours. For an entrepreneur, a mobile detailing business can be a profitable single-operator business. The startup costs associated with an automotive detailing business depend on whether you are starting from scratch, or buying a mobile detailing franchise. 

Building it from Scratch or Buying a Franchise?

When it comes to the mobile detailing business, buying a franchise has significant benefits over starting your business from scratch. The largest hurdle to starting a business from scratch is the actual startup requirements, like equipment, licensing, and practical training. A franchise opportunity streamlines the startup process, so you can run your business with confidence. 

Becoming a franchisee offers opportunities in expanded services to your automotive detailing. Your franchise can broaden it’s mobile detailing services to include material restoration and repair, such as leather, vinyl, plastic, and fabric color-matching. Mobile repair and restoration open a franchisee to the auto markets for new and used vehicles – instead of individual vehicle owners. 

Benefits of Mobile Detailing and Repair Franchise

The biggest benefit of a franchise is the streamlined client-base. After all, what exactly are you paying for when you buy a franchise? In part, you are buying the peace-of-mind that you have help in building clientele. 

A franchise has standards and procedures by which franchisees are trained to uphold. The benefit of predetermined franchise procedures is that you don’t have to make them up from scratch. You get a manual that, literally, tells you how to do the job. 

Automotive detailing and restoration franchises provide extensive training to any new franchisee. And, once you are open for business, your franchise territory is protected from encroachment. But, the most immediate benefit of franchising is that it comes with all your startup equipment. 

A mobile detailing and repair franchisee receives a van that is outfitted with all your gear. A van will often include a generator, compressor, air hoses and retractors, heat guns, color dye, graining molds, and every other supply you might need. 

What Do You Need to Buy a Mobile Restoration and Detailing Franchisee?

To start an auto detailing business – more than anything – you need to be a self-starter. Success means working hard – even if it is for a short while. A franchise is great because you inherit a clear avenue for success. 

Franchise owners come in all education levels and skill backgrounds. It is helpful to have some experience or background in sales, technology or industrial manufacturing, and supervisory responsibilities.

Most franchisors have a process for approving prospective franchisees. It all begins with an interview and qualification assessment, similar to that of applying for a business loan. The franchisor, upon approval, drafts a franchise disclosure document and franchise agreement for you to review and sign. 

Final Thoughts

Starting a mobile detailing business franchise offers the highest likelihood of generating an immediate profit. Do local area research to discern whether a auto detailing and restoration franchise is in demand and will generate the kind of profit that you want. 

If you are interested in opening a franchise of your own in the mobile detailing and restoration industry, check out these resources to learn more. And, contact us to find out more about how soon you can become a franchisee for CCI.