CCI Gets Rental Cars Ready for Customers

December 24, 2020

As Americans start making tentative vacation plans for 2021, Creative Colors International Inc. can help rental car companies confidently keep their cars in superior condition during this unique time.

In 2019, Americans spent more than 1.2 trillion dollars on travel in the United States, according to the U.S. Travel Association. Americans recorded 464.4 million trips for business purposes in 2019, with 38 percent for meetings and events. The outbreak of the pandemic put an initial damper on travel, but people are starting to venture out, and travel numbers are inching up.

A survey of 1,200 people by the U.S. Travel Association revealed one in five people are willing to drive more than 500 miles for a leisure trip, and one in five business people are likely to attend a conference or convention. Leary of airline travel, people are relying on cars as an alternative, and business is bouncing back from early losses.

To regain consumer confidence and diminish competition from rideshare companies like Lyft and Uber, rental car companies are implementing rigid safety protocols, coupled with public service announcements designed to make people aware of their precautions. Rental car employees wear masks and offer hand sanitizer to customers. They also clean and disinfect cars when they are returned so new customers can be reassured their vehicle is safe. In addition to keeping rental cars in tip-top shape, companies need to make sure their shuttle buses and rental locations are properly cleaned and sanitized regularly.

“Our service technicians can help your employees get your vehicles sanitized between uses,” said Mark J. Bollman. “We launched an EPA-approved sanitizer and disinfectant designed to be sprayed on quickly to efficiently clean your fleet.”

Shortly after news of the first case of COVID-19 broke in the United States, CCI launched a new Sanitizer & Disinfectant to give its franchisees an additional service for their customers during this time. The disinfectant is a one-step, hospital-grade cleaner, deodorizer and sanitizer designed for use on a variety of surfaces. It can be purchased in bulk, or CCI’s service technicians can come to your site and use spray guns to sanitize your vehicles.

The new cleaner is EPA-certified, environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic, which appeals to customers when safety is top of mind. Prior to spraying on the disinfectant, technicians clean the surfaces of the car with a water-based antimicrobial cleaner. CCI technicians make sure to wipe down high-touch areas, such as steering wheels, door handles, seat belts and electronic controls.

Several CCI affiliates and franchisees donated their sanitizing and disinfecting services to police departments this spring to provide a welcome service to these essential workers in the communities they serve.

In addition to providing sanitizing services, CCI technicians can maintain the interior appearance of rental cars. Renters take less care of these vehicles than their own cars and the interiors are susceptible frequent damage, especially with multiple drivers each week. As the leader in mobile leather and vinyl repair, CCI technicians can repair rips, burns, cuts and scratches in upholstery and carpet. Technicians can repair dashboards, steering wheels and convertible tops. Our technicians are also experts in smoke and odor elimination and offer mold-blocking treatments.

To find out more about how a CCI service technician can give your rental car customers peace of mind before their next vacation, visit: https://wecanfixthat.com/request-a-quote/ to request a quote.