Refurbish Family Treasures to Trim Christmas Budget

December 3, 2020

If you are trying to cut your Christmas budget, consider refurbishing family heirlooms gathering dust in the attic as gifts for the loved ones in your life who already have all the latest gadgets and gizmos.

Family heirlooms offer treasured sentimental value and emotional attachment that cannot be found at a big-box store or online retailer offering next-day delivery. A family heirloom is passed down from generation to generation as a reminder of a family’s rich history and heritage. A survey of 2,000 people conducted by Shinola indicates that nearly 50 percent of participants count a family heirloom as their most valued possession, according to a report in the NY Post. At least 77 percent of respondents enjoy hearing about their family history and collectibles.

Despite the rising popularity of tiny homes, minimalist design and online photo storage, the antiques industry is booming in the United States, primarily as a result of online sales. The online antiques and collectibles sales industry market is estimated at $2 billion, according to IBISWorld. Taking time to refurbish your antique treasures for future generations will save you money this holiday season and put a smile on the faces of your favorite people.

Creative Colors International Inc., the leader in mobile leather and vinyl repair, can come to your home to treat and repair your family heirlooms like your father’s favorite lounging chair or the leather jacket you wore all the time as a teenager. The economic uncertainty caused by the pandemic is requiring many Americans to tighten their purse strings and take steps to economize. CCI’s restoration services are a great option during the holiday season. They can salvage some of the most damaged items, saving customers up to 90 percent in expenses.

“This unprecedented time has reminded many Americans about the importance of family and allowed people to appreciate the simple pleasure of spending quality time with loved ones,” said Mark J. Bollman, President of Creative Colors International. “Gifting a family heirloom is an excellent and affordable option for this year’s holiday. CCI can help you make someone’s holiday one for the record books.”

Shopping Your Attic

When you head up to the attic or out to the storage shed to see what treasures to refurbish, it’s important to balance your investment with the item’s emotional value.

  • Investment.  As you decide which item you’d like to refurbish, it is essential to consider how much the item is worth. High-quality items, like antique furniture or a leather chair, are great picks because they are high-ticket items that will hold their value when they are restored to their original glory.
  • Emotional Value.  A sentimental family gift might not be worth a lot of money, but it could become an item that future generations will treasure because it holds a great story. Your great-uncle’s favorite barstool probably wouldn’t get top dollar on “Antiques Roadshow,” but it holds great memories of fun times and late nights with family.
  • Durability.  Does the item lend itself to refurbishing? Make sure the furniture is high-quality and well-crafted. Leather furniture is very durable and is a natural insulator that protects against extreme humidity and temperature.

CCI Can Fix That!

You picked some treasures. Now it’s time to call in the professionals. CCI can come to you and restore leather, vinyl and fabric to its original sheen. Service technicians are trained to fix tears, scratches, or cuts, or burns, stains and fading. They can restore seams, replace parts, and revive the color in virtually any piece of furniture. If the furniture seems beyond repair, CCI offers upholstery services, which is especially key for rehabbing antique furniture.

To reupholster an heirloom, a CCI technician will strip away the outer material, leaving behind nothing but the coil springs. Antique furniture can get wobbly and rickety over time. After stripping the furniture, technicians re-glue the entire frame to reinforce the piece. Next, they add webbing and reinforce the coil springs before replacing any damaged pieces of wood. Once the frame is fully repaired, the technician adds new stuffing material and fabric.

In addition to restoring your heirloom, CCI offers sanitizing and disinfecting services to remove the musty smell the item acquired in your attic. Their one-step hospital-grade cleaner, deodorizer and sanitizer is designed for use on a variety of surfaces and will air dry.

Save money this holiday season and gift your loved ones’ mementos they will treasure for generations to come. Click here to request a quote from your local CCI technician.