CCI’s Mobile Technicians Make Used RVs Look New

April 6, 2021

Creative Colors International Inc. can boost profits for recreational vehicle dealerships by helping them prepare their inventory for the start of the camping season.

The school year drawing to a close, longer days, and warmer temperatures all signal the beginning of the camping season. More than 11 million households in the United States now own a recreational vehicle, up 62 percent since 2001, the RV Industry Association reported.

RVs offer an affordable way to travel and are typically cheaper than booking flights and staying in hotels. The recreational vehicle market in North America is poised to grow by $9.43 billion by 2024, according to a report by Research and Markets, a market research firm. The increase in RV ownership over the last 10 years is driven by strong interest from younger individuals and families who live an active outdoor lifestyle, as well as baby boomers who are entering retirement, the RVIA reported. The integration of advanced technologies, like smart driver assistance, is helping fuel RV sales.

Pandemic Encourages Outdoor Recreation

Following the outbreak of the pandemic last spring, Americans were forced to cancel travel plans to stay safe. While trips to Europe and the Caribbean were off the table, Americans could still safely get their travel fix by exploring America’s natural treasures. The National Park Service reported that 15 parks set visitation records in 2020. Campgrounds were filled to the brim with travelers anxious to spend time with nature and escape the confines of their homes.

One surprising outcome of the pandemic was flush savings accounts. Cutting out high-cost travel, eating meals at home, and fewer shopping excursions all propelled consumer savings to reach an all-time high. The personal savings rate rose to 13.7 percent at the end of December, up from 8 percent prior to the outbreak of the pandemic, The Wall Street Journal reported.

While the rollout of the vaccine and falling COVID numbers are giving consumer confidence a boost, Americans are still leery of travel. High consumer savings and limited travel options make many Americans willing to invest in high-price recreational options, like swimming pools, boats, and RVs. RV shipments were up 6 percent in 2020 versus the prior year, marking the third-best annual shipment total on record, the RVIA reported.

CCI Brightens Appearance of Used Inventory

RV retailers need their used inventory to look its best as they welcome shoppers. Like cars, new RVs depreciate as soon as they leave the lot, and many customers are willing to purchase pre-owned inventory to cut costs. First-time RV buyers will opt for a used option if it looks factory fresh to make sure vacationing on wheels is a good fit for their family.

CCI’s technicians are extensively trained in RV interior restoration, upholstery repair, and leather cleaning, plus vinyl flooring and interior trim repair. Our state-of-the-art-repair and restoration capabilities extend the life of an RV and help avoid unnecessary scrapping of expensive components, reducing costs and increasing profitability. CCI can repair damaged seats, steering wheels, and couches. Our service technicians are also trained to repair holes in the roof, as well as damage to the floor.

“CCI’s trained technicians can help you get top dollar for the used RVs on your lot by repairing and restoring them to their original luster,” said Creative Colors International President Mark J. Bollman.

CCI can also help ensure the safety of your customers and crew with our new Sanitizer & Disinfectant. The hospital-grade cleaner is available for purchase in bulk and can be used safely on the interiors of your inventory between showings.

Get ready for summer shoppers by sprucing up the used RVs on your lot. Contact CCI to get a free quote and learn more about our services.