Simple Repairs Help Boat Dealers Improve Inventory, Increase Profits

March 23, 2021

Creative Colors International Inc. helps boat dealerships prepare for the influx of customers eager to get on the water this summer by getting your pre-owned inventory ready for sale.

Longer days and warmer weather signal the return of lazy days on the lake and early morning fishing trips. Consumer savings is at an all-time high as the pandemic cut travel and limited the ways Americans could spend their money over the past year. The personal savings rate rose to 13.7 percent at the end of December, up from 8 percent prior to the outbreak of the pandemic, the Wall Street Journal reported. Limited travel options and flush savings accounts are prompting many Americans to swap vacations for high price tag recreational items, like bikes, RVs, and boats.

The National Marine Manufacturers Association revealed that sales of boats, marine products and services reached $47 billion in 2020, up 9 percent from 2019. Retail sales of new boats reached nearly 320,000 units in 2020, versus 13 percent in 2019. NMMA predicts boat sales will continue to soar in 2021 as Americans remain cautious about summer travel.

Even with record-breaking sales, it’s important for dealers to stay ahead of the competition. There are only about 4,300 boat dealerships in the United States, according to research by Dun & Bradstreet, a provider of industry intelligence. Yet, the boom in boat sales is causing supply chain issues and low inventory for many dealers. Making a sale in 2021 may require focusing heavily on pre-owned inventory.

American boat buyers head to a dealer ready to make a purchase. Armed with their checkbooks, they hope to be casting their fishing line off their new boat by the weekend. While new car owners can drive out of the lot immediately after the deal is signed, boat owners typically have to put down a hefty chunk of change before a manufacturer starts building their boat. Buyers who are ready to head out to the lake may not be willing to wait for a new boat to be ready. In addition, first-time boat owners may want to test the waters with a less expensive, pre-owned option before trading up to a fancy, new model.

CCI Technicians Give Used Boats New Life

CCI can help make sure your pre-owned inventory shines. CCI’s on-site repair and restoration services are a lifesaver for many boat dealers. Constant exposure to nature’s elements fades and cracks boat upholstery over time. Frequent use leads to a wide array of damage to the seats, such as stains, cigarette burns, rips, and tears. Over time, stitching can also come undone. Potential buyers do not want their pre-owned watercraft to look old and dingy. Our service technicians can save dealers thousands of dollars in seat replacements by repairing these surfaces, so they look as good as new. In addition to upholstery, CCI specializes in making repairs to carpeting, beds, ceilings, boat tops, and engine enclosures.

“Buying a boat is one of the biggest investments a person makes in their lifetime,” said Creative Color’s President Mark J. Bollman. “CCI technicians can increase profits for boat dealers by sprucing up their pre-owned inventory as peak sales season draws near.”

New Sanitizer Keeps Employees, Customers Safe

Following the outbreak of COVID-19 last spring, CCI launched a new Sanitizer & Disinfectant to eliminate viruses, mold, and bacteria. The hospital-grade disinfectant is environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic. To protect your employees and customers, our new cleaner is available for purchase in bulk. It can be sprayed on your boats and allowed to air dry at the end of the day or between viewings. As an added bonus, the new product also neutralizes odors.

If the boats in your inventory could use some repairs, get a free quote from CCI today.