Color Glo Franchise vs. Creative Colors International: What’s the Difference?

September 29, 2021

Color Glo Franchise vs. Creative Colors International: What's the Difference?

All leather repair franchises are not created equal. Creative Colors International Inc. offers different opportunities than a Color Glo franchise. Prospective business owners should take time to learn more about these two concepts to discover which one offers the best investment for the future.

Owning a mobile leather and upholstery repair franchise is a profitable option for people interested in escaping a corporate desk job. The market size of the leather and upholstery repair industry is $2 billion and employs more than 28,000 people, according to IbisWorld, a market research firm. Rising consumer confidence and an increase in the demand for antique furniture are helping spur growth. High car prices are propelling used-car sales, and dealers are calling on repair providers to spiff up vehicle interiors in a bid to get top dollar for the car. In addition, flush savings accounts from canceled vacations and less money spent eating out are encouraging many Americans to invest in boats and recreational vehicles that may need interior repairs.

Franchising is a low-risk, high-reward choice for entrepreneurs. It allows business owners to operate a proven business model with the training and support they need to succeed. There are a number of players in the franchise industry offering mobile leather and upholstery repair. It’s important to do your research before picking the brand that is right for you. As you start to conduct your due diligence, compare international brands, like Color Glo, with CCI, a family-focused brand that provides stellar customer service.

 There are many similarities between CCI and Color Glo. Both franchises offer similar startup costs. The franchise fee for Color Glo is $33,000, and the initial investment ranges from $56,300 to $61,375, Franchise Direct reported. CCI franchisees can expect to invest between $86,980 and $102,100, which includes the down payment cost of a van and the van setup. CCI’s initial franchise fee is $49,500.

 Color Glo and CCI both have room for growth. Color Glo started franchising in 1982 and has more than 50 locations worldwide. CCI has 75 franchises operating more than 150+ mobile vans throughout the United States and Canada. CCI plans to continue expanding and adding new franchises each year until it reaches its saturation point of 500 franchises in the United States. All of CCI’s franchise owners have an exclusive territory and scale their business by adding mobile units as they build name recognition, quality, and service. CCI does offer multi-territory agreements for business owners with a multi-unit mindset. The Executive Model Franchise Developer Program is designed to appeal to investors who want to own and operate at least three franchise territories and have 10 to 12 vans servicing customers.

On the surface, it may seem like CCI and Color Glo offer similar franchise opportunities. To understand why CCI is a leader in the mobile repair franchise industry, it is key to look at the company’s customer service philosophy and the steps it takes to help its franchise owners succeed.

Customer Satisfaction Our Top Priority

CCI makes people its top priority. We believe that all people are worthy and capable of good things if the proper channel is provided. By providing an accessible path to entrepreneurship, CCI puts potential business owners in the driver’s seat of their careers with a proven and profitable business model. Our goal is to ensure our customers receive outstanding service by treating them as our most important asset. We strive to be available, adaptable, flexible, and responsive to customer needs and expectations.

State of the Art Training and Product Development

CCI offers an enhanced and streamlined training program that is longer and more in-depth than Color Glo. All of its franchisees spend three weeks training at our corporate headquarters. The training runs the gamut and includes a crash course in technical, operations, sales, and managerial skills. CCI also trains its new franchise owners how to manage back-office operations. In addition, a CCI field representative spends a week on-site helping new franchisees get their business up and running. After you get started, help is just a phone call away. CCI provides ongoing support of the franchise during the term of their agreement over the phone, online and through on-site field visits at no extra charge. In addition, CCI offers its franchise owners a competitive edge with new products and processes.

“In my territory, I am considered the best at my trade. I have never lost an account to my competition. I cannot help but believe it was because of the superior training and Creative Colors International constantly staying on top of the industry. They are always seeking out newer, better ways for me to serve my customers,” said Steve Walker, a CCI franchise owner in Valparaiso, Florida.

Top-Notch Marketing
CCI reinvests its advertising/marketing fund in all of its franchise markets to help promote the brand’s services locally and its uniform mobile vans with consistent vehicle wraps are a game changer. The vans serve as a mobile billboard for our franchise owners. Unlike Color Glo, CCI relies on a combination of online and print marketing to help its franchise owners add customers. In addition to the branded mobile van, CCI has a first in class marketing program featuring custom tri fold brochures, unlimited lead lists for direct mail campaigns and extensive online marketing tools. CCI provides enhanced search engine optimization, programs designed to help generate online reviews, branded social media accounts and postings, as well as other turnkey online marketing solutions. Franchise owners can also take advantage of customized and unique websites.

Superior Crisis Management Skills

Leather and upholstery repair franchises are a recession-proof investment. When money is tight, customers hold off making big-ticket purchases. People opt to make repairs to existing items, like furniture or cars, instead of trading up for a newer model. The pandemic threw the industry a curveball as shutdown orders forced the temporary closure of many franchises. Shortly after the outbreak of the pandemic, CCI launched a new Sanitizer & Disinfectant to give franchise owners another tool in their arsenal to increase sales. Several franchise owners helped their local community by sanitizing police cars to keep officers safe on the job. CCI’s quick-thinking and speedy product development helped franchise owners face the challenges of the pandemic with minimal disruptions to daily operations.

Learn More About a CCI Franchise

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