Franchise Profitability: How Much Do Franchisees Make?

September 20, 2021

Franchise Profitability: How Much Do Franchisees Make?

If you are considering a future in franchising, Creative Colors International Inc. encourages you to do your research to determine if business ownership will help you achieve financial freedom.

Franchising provides a path to entrepreneurship with a proven business model and brand recognition. It gives business owners the ability to be in the driver’s seat of their careers with a roadmap to follow for success. Franchisees get the satisfaction of owning their own business; with all the perks a parent company can provide. They receive proper training, ongoing business support, and assistance with marketing. While these advantages do have a price tag, the franchise industry offers a broad swath of businesses, from high-cost businesses with storefronts to mobile opportunities operated primarily from a home office.

Franchising Industry Poised for Growth

The number of franchise locations is slated to increase to 780,188 locations by the end of 2021, which is 6,585 establishments more than the 2019 pre-COVID level, according to FRANdata, a franchise-focused research firm. While business in the hospitality and food services sector took a brief hit following the outbreak of the pandemic, many sectors of the franchise industry provided essential services to their communities. The franchising industry is on track to employ 8.3 million people, adding 800,000 jobs this year. Commercial and residential services, retail, real estate, and business services are projected to have accelerated growth this year.  Franchising allows business owners to take charge of their paychecks and stop climbing the corporate ladder.

CCI Allows You to Achieve a Profitable Future

A CCI vinyl and leather repair franchise is designed for franchisees who want to enjoy the rewards of their hard work. Our system includes more than 150 mobile units that provide onsite repairs for residential customers and businesses. CCI technicians use proprietary tools and methods to meticulously eliminate fading, tears, rips, scrapes, gouges, scratches, and scuffs. They are even trained to restore items damaged by fire or water.

“Many people shy away from business ownership because they don’t think they can afford to pursue entrepreneurship,” said Mark J. Bollman, President of Creative Colors International. “CCI is a mobile, home-based business with low overhead and few startup costs. We offer a business model and the training and support our franchisees need to achieve profitability.”

Here are just a few reasons CCI’s business model is designed to generate profits for the franchisees in its system.

Low Barrier to Entry. CCI’s franchise model is designed to keep startup costs low. As a mobile business owner, you can operate from a home office or on the road. Our mobile vans contain all the equipment technicians need to service customers. We offer the latest advanced equipment, products, and repair processes in the industry.

The total initial investment for a CCI franchise starts at $86,980, which includes the down payment cost of your van, van setup, pre-opening travel, insurance, home office equipment and supplies, working capital, and other expenses. Our franchise business consultants can help you navigate the funding process to get your new endeavor up and running.

Easy Expansion. CCI offers franchisees a scalable business model designed for growth. Our owners have the opportunity to start with a single unit in an exclusive territory. The owner/operator model allows business owners to escape their desk job and hit the open road to provide a valuable service to customers. As your business profits, our mobile model allows franchisees to add new vans at a lower cost than your initial startup and less than a brick-and-mortar location.

Multiple Profit Centers. CCI franchisees have the ability to provide services to companies in a variety of industries. Offering multiple revenue streams help franchisees ensure profitability. They provide business-to-consumer services through their furniture repair operations, as well as pursuing local businesses. Our upholstery franchise owners can provide leather and vinyl repair services to auto dealerships, recreational vehicle outlets, marinas, restaurants, and more.

Owning a CCI franchise will help you achieve financial freedom and career satisfaction. If you are interested in finding out more about starting a franchise with CCI, contact CCI to learn more about franchise opportunities.