Creative Colors International – A Culture that Empowers Women in a Male-Dominated World

August 17, 2017

Making the extraordinary look ordinary. You’ve done it your entire life, both professionally and personally. Quite often it goes unspoken, but you know the challenges of being a woman in a man’s world. You face them and power through them every day. Your tenacity is what drives you, sets you apart and sets you up for success. That same tenacity is a key attribute that separates Creative Colors International, the nation’s leading on-site repair and restoration franchise, from the competition.

Creative Colors International is recognized as the nation’s leading repair, reconditioning, protection and color restorer. We service leather, vinyl, fabric, plastic and carpeting in the automotive, airplane, marine and furniture for both commercial and residential markets.

We’re a company that provides motivated entrepreneurs an opportunity to change their lives forever. Our proven business model provides immediate income and unlimited potential for growth. You’ll be in business for yourself, but definitely not by yourself.

What also sets us apart, in a male dominated industry, is that our franchise opportunity fits men and women equally well. Women within our company have been key catalysts for Creative Colors International’s growth and development. And it begins at the very top with Terri Sniegolski. Terri’s work ethic, vision and strong business acumen have guided Creative Colors International since the early years.

For Terri, the blue-collar repair and restoration industry hasn’t been without its challenges. But that hasn’t hindered her development nor her ability to help transform the company into the industry leader. She’s an excellent decision maker who evaluates and analyzes every situation put before her before reaching a conclusion. Terri also makes a point of emphasis to get to know her employees and franchisees on a personal level. She’s enthusiastic about working, while committed to maintaining a healthy lifestyle away from the office.

“When I work on something, I want to finish it that day before starting something else,” said Terri. “I put 100% into my days. It’s funny, but when I am at the office, I don’t want to go home, and when I am at home I don’t want to go to the office. I clearly communicate my availability so I can honor my work commitments while also prioritizing my family. Work-life balance is important and I do what I can to set a good example for everyone else at the office!”

Rebecca Preston, Franchise Owner-CCI of Ft. Worth

Creative Colors International is also responsible for contributing to the growing number of women business owners. Rebecca Preston is one such Creative Colors International franchise owner in Fort Worth, Texas. She launched her franchise location in 2014, after two decades as a successful engineer, another male-dominated industry. Rebecca’s franchise involves working with many RV dealers. She’s quite confident during her interactions with RV dealers in her territory and intelligently outlines how she and her team handles repair and restoration projects for all kinds of Fort Worth businesses.

Rebecca’s Creative Colors International business is going so well that she’s searching for new employees. It’s a testimony to the welcoming atmosphere always present at Creative Colors International. We have franchisees representing the best of America, from every educational background, professional background, and technical background.  That’s why we’re confident your previous experiences will fit snugly within our culture. Our accomplishments as a corporation are predicated on your success.

To learn more about Creative Colors International franchise opportunities, please visit www.creativecolorsintl.com or www.wecanfixthat.com.