Creative Colors International Executive Insider Series – Business Operations Manager Joe Merrell

August 31, 2017

Joe Merrell-Business Operation’s Manager

When Joe Merrell joined Creative Colors International, the nation’s leading on-site repair and restoration franchise, in August, 2016, he stepped into a role he felt was tailor-made for him.  Joe first started working with franchisees more than 20 years ago, providing business support and advice to maximize their profitability.  In the four years before coming to Creative Colors International (CCI), he owned a company that served as a business and life coach to help individuals achieve success.

As Business Operations Manager, Joe works with Creative Colors International’s franchisees to help them realize their full potential as business owners.  He provides them with guidance in nearly every aspect of business operations, from marketing to time management to staffing, recruiting to reviewing applications.  He assists owners in the overall process of running and growing their business, setting goals and maximizing their profitability.

“I consider this position the perfect fit for me,” said Joe.  “Creative Colors International was looking for someone to fill this role and I was able to immediately step in and apply many of the experiences I have used throughout my career.  I enjoy giving proper guidance to business owners and helping put them on the path to success.”

One of the things that drew Joe to Creative Colors International (CCI) was the strong relationships the company cultivates with its franchisees.  He mentioned that Creative Colors International (CCI) has won several awards for franchisee support, including a recent Top 200 Award from Franchise Business Review based on franchisee satisfaction, and he said he was attracted to the important role franchisees play in shaping the vision and future of the company.

“My passion is working with people,” said Joe.  “I love working with others to take a concept, follow a plan and help them become successful in their careers.  It’s much easier to follow that passion when I’m working for a company that’s this committed to the success of their franchisees.  I’m proud to work alongside Creative Colors International’s leadership team who treats all franchisees like family.”

Along with Joe’s guidance of Creative Colors International’s franchisees, his addition has made a big impact on the corporate side as well.  He plays a major role in the growth and development of the company while helping add many talented and motivated franchisees to the system (to connect with joe and learn more about the Creative Colors International franchise opportunity, click here).

Joe has several goals in mind for Creative Colors International (CCI) in the coming years.  In addition to his continued work with individual franchisees, he wants to increase their communication and involvement throughout the system.  He would like to increase the franchisee representation on the marketing committee, both in participation and solicitation of new ideas for company development.  He feels each of the franchisees can provide valuable insight and should play a role in the company’s decision making.  He believes increased involvement in company decisions will continue to keep franchisees satisfied and engaged.  He also plans on continuing to work with the franchisees and provide them with more autonomy for their daily operations.

While he has big plans for the growth and development of Creative Colors in the future, Joe couldn’t help but to reflect upon his first year with the company.

“It has been amazing,” said Joe.  “My wife said this is what I was born to do.  This kind of work is a passion of mine.  I love being able to work with others to grow their business.  I couldn’t have asked for better support from Creative Colors or relationships with the franchisees.  It has been fantastic.”

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