Creative Colors International Employee Spotlight Q&A with Kathy Green-Alessi

September 14, 2018

While Creative Colors International is approaching 28 years in the franchising business, our founding company, J&J’s Creative Colors, Inc., is close to turning forty - in business since 1980. Through the decades, CCI has remained a family-owned company and running a tight-knit operation has always been our way. We take pride in the fact that 50 percent of our franchise owners have been with us for 10+ years, and another 25 percent have been with us for 20+ years. Our bench is also deep in the corporate ranks, as we have a history of offering attractive career opportunities which result in loyal, long-standing employees, who help make CCI an industry leader.

Today, we are shining the spotlight on Kathy Green-Alessi, a technician who started with J&J Colors, our predecessor and affiliate company, 30 years ago. Congratulations Kathy, on 30 years of employment with CCI!

What brought you to CCI?

I met one of the company founders, JoAnn Foster, at a friend’s party back in 1986. We hit it off and I think she thought I had good sales skills. She offered me a job on the spot, but I was already working somewhere else. However, I didn’t have a good boss, so after thinking about it for a few weeks, I went back and asked her if the job offer still stood and she said, “Yes!” I quit the next day and have been a technician with the company ever since. It’s the best career decision I ever made!

Why have you stayed with CCI for almost 30 years?

 The Fosters are fabulous, wonderful people to work for. They are a family-oriented business and they care about their people. We are family to them. In 1988, I was in a major car accident and didn’t know if I would ever walk again. JoAnn came to the hospital and said, “Your job is guaranteed. Come back when you can.” Thankfully, I was able to come back two months later. When my son was born, and I wanted to spend more time at home, I was able to take time off and come back at part-time hours because it was what was best for my family at that time. And it’s not just me. I have seen them go above and beyond for a lot of people. How can you not be loyal to people like that? How can you not consider them family? I’ll stay as long as they’ll have me. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to work here.

What do you enjoy about your job?

I can boil it down to three things: the work, the freedom, the money. I like the immediate gratification and results when I repair something that is damaged and make it like new. There’s a lot of pride in that. It also makes people happy because I have saved them money, so that’s cool. I also like working alone sometimes, like in a car dealership, but also having the opportunity to meet new people. One day, I spent an hour chatting with the U.S. Ambassador from Greece, when he and his entourage brought his limo in to be repaired. You don’t get that every day! I love that I can control my income and my schedule by how many hours I work. I am a hard worker, so I have done very well. When I was 25 years old, the same year I started at J&J, I was able to buy a house as a single woman. I paid it off in nine years. How many people can do that? CCI has given me the ability to do that. The opportunity is there, you just have to go get it!

Are you interested in learning more about a rewarding and fulfilling career working as a Creative Colors International technician, just like Kathy? If so, please visit https://www.wecanfixthat.com/about-us/employment-opportunities/ to get started!