Employee Spotlight: Mark Miller – South Bend, Indiana

October 15, 2018

At Creative Colors International, our employees come from varied backgrounds and industries. There is no one “right” type of experience or education that makes our workers a great fit with our company. However, there is one “right” attitude — self-motivated, service-oriented, and superior results-driven.

When Mark Miller made a career change 13 years ago, from running a full-time DJ/entertainment business to becoming a technician at Creative Colors International, he brought all those qualities and more.

This month, we shine our employee spotlight on Miller, who has been faithfully serving the eastern counties of Indiana for more than a decade, and helping build CCI’s reputation as the go-to for RV repair and restoration in the RV Capital of the World!

Why did you leave the rock-n-roll world DJ biz to become a technician at CCI?

I really enjoyed my work as a DJ. I did it for 21 years, but I was gone a lot of nights and weekends. Weddings, school dances, nightclubs, you name it, I played it. I was pulled away from my three daughters a lot, and my wife and I were like ships passing in the night.

My brother-in-law was a technician at CCI, and he invited me to ride along with him. As I watched him work with customers and do repair work, I thought, “I could do this.” I’ve always been a guy to watch and learn and figure things out. I made the switch, and within one year it replaced my DJ business salary. Within a few years, I was doing better at CCI than I had done after 21 years in the entertainment biz. Plus, my quality of life improved. I went from not spending time with my daughters on the weekends to buying a boat and spending our weekends together on Lake Michigan. It was the best career change I could have made!

How has CCI supported your work and your growth, specifically in the RV industry?

What I like about CCI and my boss, Dick Neff, is that they are there when I need them and leave me alone when I don’t. I like that independence. I also appreciate that they are open to new ideas and pursuing new markets. We live in the RV Capital of the World (80 percent of RV’s are manufactured in this region) and that is a huge opportunity. Sixty percent of the work I do is linoleum repair in RV’s (learn more about why RV dealers love CCI). I have focused on growing my knowledge on linoleum repair and coming up with new techniques. So, now CCI has had me teach a few classes on linoleum repair and they send new techs to ride with me, so they can see how it’s done. I enjoy that, too.

What do you enjoy most about working at CCI?

It’s taken care of me and my family for 13 years. I get the opportunity to meet new people and learn new things every day. There’s no resting on your laurels, which is a good fit for me. The ability to control my days and my life is huge, too. I leave early in the morning, so I can be home by 2:30 p.m. and not be out during the hottest part of the day. And of course, having the means and the time to hit the water in our boat or hitch a trailer with camping gear to the back of our Yamaha Tour Deluxe and hit the road with my wife is a great way to live. We enjoy our life. I have no plans of going anywhere. Actually, I have plans to go lots of places, and CCI helps make it possible.

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