Creative Colors International – Making Every Day Earth Day

April 22, 2016

While April 22nd is officially Earth Day, as established 46 years ago, the concept of Earth Day has expanded over the years. In fact, the whole month of April is considered Earth Month these days. But is that truly enough for something so important? I mean – it literally is our world we’re talking about!

So – what can you do to make every day your version of Earth Day like we do over here at Creative Colors International? Here’s what you can do to keep your old stuff out of the landfill and do your part to preserve and protect our planet:

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle – This is the mantra of any recycling devotee worth their salt. But what does it actually look like? According to Nancy Matson, who writes the environmental blog “Stuff You Don’t Want.com, it starts with thinking about recycling when you make a purchase. “When I buy furniture, I buy the quality used furniture instead of cheap new stuff,” says Matson. “A dresser from the 1940’s made out of mahogany has already stood the test of time. If I treat it well and keep it polished, I’ll have no trouble finding a new home for it if I move or redecorate. That’s one less item taking up landfill space.”

Repair Instead of Replace – Ripped upholstery? Scuffed linoleum? Tattered vinyl? Instead of tossing that piece of furniture or landfilling an older car, what about improving the looks and overall quality by repairing the damaged parts? Our own Terri Sniegolski says any Creative Colors International franchisee can help you do just that. “All you have to do is call one of our local franchisees and they will come to you and repair your worn vinyl, plastic, leather, and fabric.” Our company is founded on the “repair instead of replacing” philosophy and can often save customers 90% over replacement costs. Are there items that are beyond repair? Well, we stand by the “We can fix that” slogan – feel free to present us with a challenge!

Simple Things Matter – Bring your own bags to the store. Put leftovers and bag lunches in reusable containers. Use mugs rather than Styrofoam cups for hot drinks. Every little thing helps! In an online article titled “Reducing Waste for Our Mother,” (Downtoearth.com) Michele McKay gives an exhaustive list of some of the simple things every one of us can do to reduce waste in landfills. McKay points out that the United States produces up to half of the world’s garbage but makes up only 6-percent of the world’s population. “Most of Americans have become accustomed to living by the motto, ‘Out with the old, and in with the new.’ But wastefulness definitely takes a toll on the health of the earth, as well as the health of its inhabitants,” McKay says.

Recycling Saves You Money…Yes, Literally! – According to the Aluminum Association, Americans earn nearly $1 billion a year from recycling aluminum cans. But another $1billion of aluminum cans is tossed into landfills each year. Atlas Recycling recently was paying just over $2 a pound. In some states, you can find recyclers for plastic bottles. Check your bottle for the most common marks: HDPE, opaque: PVC, clear with a seam along the base; or Pet, clear with a hard molded center on the base. Atlas recently posted $1.31 a pound for small bottles and 94 cents for large bottles. Recycling scrap metal, consigning used clothes to thrift stores and taking your own tumbler to your local coffee shop are all ways to save from recycling. Check out moneytalksnews.com for more money-saving recycling ideas.

Keeping your personal trash out of a landfill can be inconvenient, such as stockpiling used batteries until you can find someone to take them. Or it can be super easy, like learning how to recycle at home properly, so that you aren’t actually adding to the problem. The point is if everyone does a little something towards reducing landfill waste, then it adds up to a cleaner earth for us all! Join us and help us make every day Earth Day!