Motorhome Magic: 10 Things RV Owners Can Do That Others Simply Can’t

May 27, 2016

Rev up your RV…It’s springtime, and the road is calling you for an adventure! It’s time to get your motorhome out there on the open road. You know, that’s one thing RV owners can do that others simply can’t…take to the highway any time you choose with your very own house on wheels!

Here are 9 others:

  1. Take in the full experience at a NASCAR race– The Daytona 500 may be over but racing season is in full swing. Pack up the motorhome and head to Talladega, Bristol and other legendary tracks to catch the race…viewing from the infield like only RV owners can!
  2. Enjoy ever-changing, breath-taking views – In your regular home, you might get great views, but they often cost a fortune to secure those homes. And the views from those homes are static… they just stay the same. Not so with your motorhome – your ticket to the greatest views our country can offer at a fraction of the price!
  3. RVing means savings galore – If you have given up your traditional home, you are saving on a mortgage, utilities and other incidentals. And even if you still keep your home and use your RV for vacationing, you are saving on expensive hotel fees…. And other incidentals!
  4. Repair your RV’s interior instead of replacing items – It can keep your motorhome feeling like home and save you big bucks in the process. If the linoleum floors and/or vinyl/upholster/leather surfaces in your aging motorhome are ever in need of repairs, feel free to give us a call over at Creative Colors International. We can fix that and save you money in the process!
  5. Get the most out of America’s past time – Baseball season is upon us. So, now is the chance for RVers to head out on a road trip to see their favorite teams at the nation’s best ball parks! Or, more importantly, you can catch your grandson’s high school game as you drive through his home town!
  6. And don’t forget the other triple crown! – Horse racing season is upon us as well— Put on your best hat and take to the races anywhere from Kentucky to New York to Florida and all the way out to California. Here’s to hoping you hit a trifecta with all that money you’re saving on hotel costs!
  7. Forget the tent and the communal shower – RVers can take their beds and bathrooms with them. There is nothing like having the comforts of home and yet be traveling to the most exciting places at the same time!
  8. You create relationships that last a lifetime – RVers in general like adventures, and part of any adventure is the characters you meet along the way. So gather around a campfire, invite the people in the next lot to join you and enjoy getting to know them!
  9. And of course, there’s no limit to your journey! – You get to travel all over the place and go to places most folks can’t explore. For the cost of gas, you can motor your RV just about anywhere in the continental US and see all the sights this great country has to offer. You can go to the sunny south in the winter and back up north during the scorching summer. You can see family more often. You can go to your favorite places whenever you want!

So, heed the call! Pack a bag and jump into your motorhome this summer. It’s time to feel the motorhome magic!