Creative Colors International Reveals Best Practices to Get Cars, RVs and Boats Ready for Summer

July 6, 2014


Expert Tips for Smooth Sailing into Summer Road Trip and Boating Season
Creative Colors International Reveals Best Practices to Get Cars, RVs and Boats Ready for Summer

Mokena, IL – According to AAA Travel, approximately two-thirds of U.S. adults plan to take a
leisure trip between Memorial Day and Labor Day this year, which is 2.6 percent higher than the
ten-year historical average and the second highest travel volume reported since 2000. Additionally,
the average summer road trip is expected to last 10 days this year, up from seven last summer,
making it even more important for car, boat, and RV owners to be educated on preventative measures
to ensure a smooth transition into summer road trip season.

Without proper care and maintenance techniques before and throughout the duration of the road trip,
vehicle and boat interiors can take a beating. With over 30 years of experience serving the
automotive, commercial, marine and furniture industries, Creative Colors International (CCI), a
leading franchise that specializes in reconditioning, repair and color restoration of interior
leather, vinyl, fabric, plastics and carpeting, is educating consumers on preventative measures and
cleaning techniques to spruce up their cars, RVs and boats as summer road trip season kicks into

“The escalation in summer activities and road trips, compounded by extreme summer heat, can be very
taxing on cars, trucks, campers, boats and RVs,” said Mark Bollman, President of Creative Colors
International. “Caring for the interior of a vehicle is just as important as the exterior, since
cars, boats, and RVs can act as a second home for many families who engage in summer trips.
Families should clean their vehicles and boats as they would their own home to ensure healthy,
happy and comfortable travels.”

The team of experts at CCI has come up with the top cleaning and maintenance techniques to get the
interiors of cars, boats and RVs clean and tidy for a safe and carefree summer road trip.

Prevent/Remove Unwanted Smells. Leather is a natural material and will bake when placed in
the sun, just like your skin. For cars, campers, and RVs, keeping the windows open and regularly
cleaning the entire interior down with a soap and water mixture will help immensely. While driving,
keep the vent on to help the air circulate and cool it with air conditioning. With anything, if a
vehicle is completely sealed, smells will be noticeable. To remove foul boat odors that develop and
build bacteria over the winter, run all fans to get as much air circulating as possible. The smell
needs to be completely cleaned from the vehicle or boat with hot water extraction.

Cleaning Leather and Upholstery Stains. For hard stains such as crayons and dried food,
scrape off as much of the debris as possible before wiping or scrubbing using a spatula, putty
knife or vacuum. For liquid stains, create a premixed solution of 10 parts water to 1 part ivory
liquid dish soap in a spray bottle. Apply and wipe down the area using a clean cloth or soft brush.
Finish by wiping area with a clean, dry towel.

Leather & Vinyl Care/Protection. Without proper care and maintenance, leather seats can
easily be worn down prematurely from cleaning-related factors such as dirt, spills, and oil from
skin. It’s important to wipe down seats before, during and after trips using a clean, damp towel to
prevent the dust from working its way into the leather. To protect seats, apply a natural leather
conditioner at least several times a year so the leather continues to breathe and stays flexible.
Avoid using waxes, silicone products or other leather preparations that impair the ability of the
leather to “breathe.”

Avoid Messes. Keep a plastic bag in the vehicle, RV, camper or boat for all garbage, along
with a few towels or extra napkins for quick cleaning of spills. Keep rubber floor mats on carpets at all
times to help protect from spills. If anything does spill, it will get trapped in the mats and then
those mats can be taken out and hosed off or cleaned.

Campers and RVs. After a long winter in storage or on the road, it’s time to spruce up the
interior. Camping gear and picnicking equipment can leave traces of grease, dirt, bugs, bacteria
and crumbs that can cause bad odors. Most RVs have carpet in them, and that carpet gets dirty with
all of the in-and-out traffic. A thorough vacuuming is a must to remove dirt, sand and other debris
that accumulates during road trips.

Boats. It’s important to keep the cabin clean to prevent dirt and grime from building up.
Each time someone throws a damp beach towel or dripping water-skis into the trunk, moisture is left
behind that quickly turns to mildew in the heat of summer. To clean the interior, wipe down walls
and vinyl upholstery, vacuum flooring, benches and sleeping areas, clean and dry carpeting and
upholstery, and wash windows using vinegar and water. If carpets aren’t steam cleaned regularly,
the interior can get dirt and stain buildup; the longer it’s left untreated, the tougher it is to
get out. Boat cushions can also hide musty smells and should be washed regularly. Even if they don’t look
dirty, cushion covers retain body sweat and bacteria.

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About Creative Colors International

Launched in 1991, the Creative Colors International (CCI) franchise system was created through its
affiliate, J&J’s Creative Colors, the original industry leader in refurbishment techniques and
systems. J&J’s Creative Colors was founded in 1980 by Jim and JoAnn Foster. Today, both companies
continue to be family-owned and operated by the second generation Foster family. Catering to the
abundance of upholstered items in every home, business and vehicle, CCI is the ultimate in on-site
repair, restoration, cleaning, protection, and dyeing of leather, vinyl, plastic and fabric.
Through proprietary technology, CCI restores damaged seats at a fraction of replacement costs,
saving customers up to 90 percent. CCI repairs are stronger than the original area and are nearly
invisible to the naked eye. In the Automotive, Furniture and Commercial Markets, CCI offers on-site
repair and restoration to all types of leather, vinyl, fabric, plastic and carpeting by repairing
and redyeing holes, cuts, tears, burns, scrapes, fading and discoloration. For more information on
CCI’s services and franchise opportunities, visit www.wecanfixthat.com.

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