February 14, 2017

Creative Colors International Saves the Day When Dog Ruins the Couch; dog gets liquid glue on couch the day before Thanksgiving.

With the big game coming up in a few weeks, you may be preparing for just as many party guests as you did during the holidays. If so, you’ll want your home to look its best. That’s what Bob Lewis of Castle Rock, CO, was thinking this past Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, his dog had other plans.

Bob was expecting a large group of family and friends for Thanksgiving dinner. Sadly, his wife was sick, which meant he was on his own to tackle the preparations. While he was busy cooking enough turkey, side dishes and desserts for his company, Bob didn’t notice that one of his two, large dogs had stolen a tube of heavy duty adhesive that he had been using for house projects. The dog carried the tube up onto the sofa and began to chew on it for quite a while, changing positions frequently. Bob turned away from his cooking to find the couch covered with hard, dried glue — and a very sick dog.

After Bob returned from the vet, where his dog had to have emergency surgery to remove a dried lump of glue from his stomach, the reality of the mess settled in. Thanksgiving was the next day. He was either going to have to buy a new sofa quickly, or he was going to have to find someone to repair the old one. The first option wasn’t appealing as a new leather sectional, like the ruined couch, could cost somewhere between $2,500 and $5,000.

Bob was skeptical that the sofa could be fixed, but he looked online and discovered Mike McNairy of Creative Colors International. Bob told the story to Mike, who promptly drew on his company’s motto of “WE CAN FIX THAT,” and said he would give the repair his best effort. Mike and his wife Lynette arrived to find pretty much what Bob had described — a big mess. The two of them sanded the hardened glue off the leather. Then they dyed the leather back to its original color and sealed the work with a topcoat to protect it. In all, it took more than four hours of work. Throughout the process, the couple kept reassuring a nervous Bob that he was not going to need to rush out and buy a new sofa for his guests.

When the work was finished, Bob was thrilled. He told the McNairys that the repairs looked great! As they left, Mike and Lynette urged Bob to call them if he had any problems, but they never heard back from him. Bob went on to enjoy his Thanksgiving celebration and was only charged $200.00 for the service, a fraction of what replacing the couch would have cost.

Creative Colors International, or CCI, is the industry-leading, on-site repair and restoration franchise in the country. With over 70 locations in 29 states, CCI uses its revolutionary, proprietary technology to restore damaged material at a fraction of replacement costs. Like Bob, customers save up to 90 percent of the replacement cost when working with Creative Colors International professional.

This means that getting your home fixed up for the big game won’t involve a huge expenditure. If your leather seating is damaged/torn, color is faded, couch is stained, or your linoleum floor is cut/damaged, Creative Colors International can fix that — and save you money by doing so. Call your local Creative Colors International technician to save up to 90% with repair and restoration services.