February 27, 2017

Purchasing a used vehicle makes good financial sense. Consumers can save money on a big-ticket item, while still finding a car that performs well and is visually exciting. Dealerships that sell pre-owned cars and trucks understand that the appearance of the vehicle is equally as important as the power behind it. So, when they find that the upholstery is torn, the dashboard is scratched, or the carpeting is stained, they turn to Creative Colors International for help.

Creative Colors International (CCI) is the industry-leading, on-site repair and restoration franchise in the country. With over 78 locations in 25 states, CCI uses a revolutionary, proprietary technology to restore damaged material at a fraction of replacement costs, saving customers up to 90 percent. CCI repairs are stronger than the original area and are nearly invisible to the naked eye.

Quality restoration is critical when you are repairing a car. Ask CCI franchisee, Stewart Gotlieb, who recently restored a tricked-out luxury car to its original glory.

Gotlieb, of Ruskin, FL, frequently works with a local car dealership. Together, they review all trade-in cars for problems with the upholstery, vinyl, plastic or fabric. Gotlieb repairs the problem areas and the car dealership is able to offer a higher-quality product to its customers. As part of Creative Colors International’s Certified program, the dealership receives a reduced price-per-car.

One day, the used car manager asked Gotlieb to look at a particularly troublesome vehicle. It was a late model Lexus SUV, and Gotlieb could not believe what he saw. Not only had the former owner glued all types of modifications to the outside, but the inside had been modified to the extreme! “The original interior was a light tan color with some brown,” Gotlieb explained. “The former owner had taken spray paint and painted almost everything inside black!” Gotlieb noted that the owner had sprayed the center console, around the steering wheel, the dashboard, and a variety of other plastic parts. The used car manager was in a tight spot, because the vehicle was not saleable in such condition.

Gotlieb followed the company’s motto of “We Can Fix That!” and got to work. He said, “The dealership is such a good customer of mine, I just had to help him out.” He removed stuck-on items from the dashboard, which left holes in the original material and scrubbed off the paint. Then, he patched the holes, re-dyed the trim and overhauled the vinyl and plastic parts of the car. He spent several days working on the job, trying his best to restore the car to its original condition.

“It looked really good when I’d finished!” said Gotlieb, “I was proud of how it turned out.” He charged the dealership a nominal fee and left knowing that his extra effort had made a difference for his customer and for the person who would be the new owner of the vehicle. Gotlieb commented, “Two things we are big on at Creative Colors International are customer service and quality. We go the extra mile for our customers. That’s what I’m here for.”

No doubt the SUV’s new owner was thrilled by the appearance of this used vehicle. Whether you a dealership owner or simply purchasing your own used car from an individual, you can ensure that the look of the vehicle has a like-new quality when you work with local Creative Colors International franchisee to restore it.