June 15, 2019

This Father’s Day is bound to be full of the wonderful traditions dads everywhere appreciate. There’s a funky new tie, a great meal (perhaps prepared by your budding “chef” of a child), and some quality time with your family. All jokes aside, it’s the quality time with family that dads look forward to most. It’s a day you can spend getting to have fun with your family and getting to know your children better, and in return, letting them learn something new about you too. Wouldn’t it be great if every day could be Father’s Day? What if we told you it could happen?

  1. So maybe not every day! But there is a way where you can spend more time with your family while at the same time having more time for yourself AND achieve the financial security you want. This Father’s Day take some time to look at what could be possible if you owned your own Creative Colors International franchise.


Consider your current situation. Maybe you’re working in corporate America. It’s a good job — you make OK money, you’ve got your benefits, and at least your boss isn’t a total jerk all the time. Maybe you have to work late — again — and miss your son’s afterschool band concert. Maybe you have to go in on a Saturday — again — and miss your daughter’s ball game.

Creative Colors International is the leader in the mobile repair, reconditioning, protections, and color restoration of leather, vinyl, fabric, plastic, and carpeting. We offer cost savings and convenience, which makes us the go-to service provider for the automotive, marine, RV, furniture, commercial, and residential markets. More importantly, we allow you to be in business for yourself, but you won’t be in business by yourself.

As a CCI franchisee, you’ll be in charge of your work schedule, not someone else. If you want to be off on Thursday to chaperone your child’s school trip to the museum, make sure and schedule around it! Want to take your family on a week-long beach adventure this summer? Block it out and schedule around it. Sure, there may be times when you see the need to work late hours to get a rush job done… or a weekend for a special client who has come to depend on you. The difference is those hours you put in, and those special moments you might miss because of it, are all an investment in YOUR business… not someone else’s!


What role do you play in your family? Researchers with the Pew Research Center found that most Americans expect dads to be more of a moral teacher than an income provider. Still, many men feel the pressure to provide for their families’ needs and future. The threat of downsizing, layoffs, or being fired is a real concern for many. Consider this — when you own your own business, you can’t be laid off, fired, or downsized.

With a Creative Colors International franchise, we bring the opportunities — you bring the motivation.

  • We help establish your client base so that your franchise starts generating revenues immediately.
  • Start-up costs are modest and include a complete training program.
  • We are a home-based business, so overhead is low.
  • Your territory is exclusive and protected.

You don’t have to have any kind of special background — our franchisees come from nearly every background and skill set.


So, this Father’s Day, enjoy the ties, specials dinners, and quality time with your family, but also give yourself a gift. Look into the possibilities and options that owning your own Creative Colors Franchise can open for you and your family.

For more information about Creative Colors International franchise opportunities, please visit https://wecanfixthat.com/.