Love Working with Your HEAD and HANDS?  Why YOU Would Be Great as a Creative Colors International Franchisee!

October 7, 2016

art_couple_at_tableIn today’s world, corporate executives are investing more hours to do less rewarding work for less pay.   So, it’s no wonder disenchanted employees are looking for alternatives that allow them to take control of their futures.   In fact, entrepreneurship is becoming one of the fastest growing sectors in the job market today.  A recent study shows that 27 million working aged Americans are starting or running new businesses – a number that’s increasing each year.

For those seeking a new opportunity who are tired of flying to different cities or sitting behind a desk all day, Creative Colors International could be the perfect fit.   In fact, many Creative Colors International franchisees say their favorite part of owning a franchisee is the opportunity to get out in their town and solve customer problems using their head and their hands.

Therefore, it’s no surprise that some of our must successful franchisees come from industries and jobs where they’ve been able to develop a combination of analytical and technical skills.   Some of these “profiles” include:

  • Engineers – Franchisees with an engineering background thrive with Creative Colors International because of their systematic mental approach and unwavering desire to solve problems using whatever means required.
  • Business Executives – Franchisees with a corporate background understand how to implement processes, manage people and troubleshoot problems in ways that satisfy our customers.
  • Moms – As the saying goes, “If you can run a household you can run a company.” Moms bring organization and networking skills to the table as CCI franchisees.   Additionally, moms are no stranger to getting their hands dirty and handle blue collar jobs in stride.
  • Blue Collar Workers – Franchisees with any type of blue collar background, auto repair, construction, farming, etc. are perfectly suited to execute the CCI business model as they’ve been working with their head and hands simultaneously for years!

Don’t see your specific job listed above?  That doesn’t mean you won’t be successful as a Creative Colors franchisee.  You simply have to have a desire to work for yourself, a love of people and a commitment to customer service.photogrid_1468616593169

So, if you’re tired of the corporate grind or are simply seeking a more rewarding and flexible career, join the millions of other workers who are stepping away from corporate America and take a look at the Creative Colors International franchise opportunity.   There truly is no better franchise opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs seeking a business opportunity that allows them to solve problems with their head and their hands! Visit us online at www.CreativeColorsIntl.com to learn more.