Meet the Team: Brandywine Valley, PA Franchise Owner Warren Perry

October 12, 2016

After a successful career in the software industry, Warren Perry is excited to fulfill a lifelong dream of building a business in his hometown. Learn more about Warren and his journey as a Creative Colors International franchisee.

Warren Perry-Owner CCI of Brandywine

Why did you decide to open a Creative Colors International franchise?

I was in software sales and sales management for 30 years, but have always dreamed of owning my own business. When my children were younger, it seemed too risky. As my children grew into adults, and I became tired of traveling, I was ready for a new challenge.

Why Creative Colors International specifically?

I have always loved working with my hands. I like fixing things, even remodeling houses. In fact, my first job in the computer industry was as a hardware technician, repairing complex systems. Creative Colors was a natural fit for me.

What has made you successful as a franchisee?

I was fortunate that my very first boss instilled in me the importance of customer focus and customer satisfaction. He helped me understand the importance of customer focus, and I credit much of my success in the software business to that philosophy. I found that the team at Creative Colors shares the same philosophy and my focus on the customer is fueling the growth of my business.

What goals do you have for your franchise?

The strategy behind my business plan was to focus on building a base of business in the automotive market, developing relationships with local dealerships. Hiring additional technicians to service the automotive market has allowed me to begin to focus on expanding into other markets such as healthcare, hospitality, fitness centers, and other commercial service applications.

What was the training program like for you as a new franchisee?

It’s a lot of information to consume, but very thorough. Creative Colors provided a very comprehensive training program that includes in-depth technical training and certification along with a structured approach to running the business. Fortunately, it’s all well documented, because it is a lot to digest.

And I can’t say enough about the support provided in the initial launch of the business. Opening week is very well planned and supported by a field manager who flies in to help get the business launched. That opening week instilled the confidence I needed to get the business rolling.

What would you say to someone who is considering the Creative Colors International franchise?

Make sure you really enjoy fixing things. Unless you plan to start hiring techs right from the start, you will be out in the field doing repairs every day!

I would also tell them that the support from the organization is outstanding. I enjoy the fact that it’s a family business, and I feel like they offer a perfect blend of formal processes and informal support that you need to grow a business.

Have you enjoyed owning your own business?

It has been everything I dreamed of. I wake up every day, happy and thankful to be developing customer relationships locally, and I am thrilled that I no longer live my life on planes and in hotels.  In my previous career, I had developed a large network of friends and colleagues that were scattered across the world. Now I have the opportunity to develop relationships closer to home.

What is the most unique item that you’ve fixed?

We have repaired everything from automobiles, purses, saddles, saddlebags, medical exam tables, restaurant booths, and fitness equipment. They are all interesting and rewarding in their own way.