Make CCI’s Annual Conference Part of Your Game Plan

October 1, 2019

Make CCI’s Annual Conference Part of Your Game Plan

Starting a home-based business as a franchisee with Creative Colors International Inc. develops an ideal playing field for both high profits and flexibility. Tackle your competitors by adding our Creative Colors International Conference & Awards Gala to your annual schedule.

CCI starts entrepreneurs on a path to success by offering them a proven business model. As the leader in mobile leather and vinyl repair, we help new franchisees establish their client base in an exclusive territory and offer them ongoing training and support. New franchisees have access to CCI’s Slack collaboration hub and our annual sales and training conference.

Operating a home-based business has its perks. It’s convenient, affordable and provides great work-life balance. Yet, there is no substitute for in-person meetings. Eighty-five percent of participants believe face-to-face meetings build stronger and more meaningful relationships, according to a study conducted by Forbes Insights of 760 business executives. A whopping eight out of 10 surveyed prefer face-to-face meetings and many executives think they are essential to forming long-term business relationships.

In a world where conference calls, email and instant messaging are the norms, attending CCI’s annual conference will give your business a boost in the right direction. The company conference, most recently held in Minneapolis, provides dedicated franchisees with five important tools to win the game.

Educate: Learn the latest tricks of the trade to retain employees, increase profits and add customers. Part of the beauty of our brand is that we offer services to a wide range of clients in the automotive and service industry. As these industries evolve, we need to make sure to grow with them. Participating in our conference will keep you abreast of all the latest trends for the customers and employees you serve.

Recharge: Franchisees who are enthusiastic about the brand are better at retaining employees, according to the International Franchise Association, a trade association devoted to franchising. Spending time networking with your peers at our annual conference will increase your passion for the brand. Not only will meeting with other franchisees at our conference help build team unity, but it will also create renewed energy for your business.

 Share. Here is a chance to shine. Sharing your success stories with other franchisees at the conference is key. We are proud of your hard work and want to make sure everyone hears the unique ways you are succeeding. Sharing your triumphs will help solidify your status as a stellar CCI franchisee.

 Take home a winner. The conference showcases best practices you can implement in your own business. Make sure to take home a winner and implement at least one thing you learn at the conference. CCI advises franchisees to keep an open mind at the conference. Don’t dismiss new ideas for your business or your employees. Make sure to carefully analyze new information before deciding it isn’t useful. Keep an open mind and allow for change.


Fun. Successful franchisees take time to relax with family and friends, IFA contends. CCI knows being a franchisee can require an extensive time commitment. Spending time socializing with your fellow franchisees at our annual conference is a great way to unwind with people who share similar challenges and achievements.

Once you book your tickets to our annual conference, do your homework to make the most of the event. Make a list of how you’re hoping to improve your business. Think about who you want to see at the conference and develop a plan of attack before you arrive, to help you discover real solutions.

Learn more about how CCI supports its business owners by encouraging training, and franchise opportunities with CCI, here — www.wecanfixthat.com.