Score Big by Attending CCI’s Annual Conference

September 28, 2019

Score Big by Attending CCI’s Annual Conference

One of the reasons you chose a career as a technician at Creative Colors International Inc. was to give yourself the freedom to set your own schedule. Adding CCI’s annual Creative Colors International Conference & Awards Gala to your calendar is a game-changer.

Our business model gives technicians the freedom to work on your own terms, but having valuable support is key to making your career at CCI a success. CCI employees undergo four weeks of intensive training when they start their careers as a leather and vinyl certified technician. The training doesn’t end when you get your certificates. CCI offers ongoing assistance in the form of our Slack collaboration hub and our annual sales and training conference.

Face-to-face meetings with coworkers help promote team unity, engagement and enjoyment, according to research conducted by Loughborough University School of Business and Economics. The company’s annual conference, most recently held in Minneapolis, provides hardworking technicians with five important tools to help them score career touchdowns.

Learn. Taking time out of your busy schedule to make the trip to our annual conference offers you a chance to hone your skills. Our conference showcases innovations in restoring, dyeing and repairing leather and vinyl materials. If there is a new trick for making your job easier, we will tell you all about it. Part of the beauty of our brand is that we offer services to a wide range of clients in the automotive and service industries. However, as these industries evolve, we need to make sure to grow with them. Participating in our conference will keep you abreast of all the latest trends for the customers you serve.

Network. Meeting with your peers can help showcase your skills, enhance your career and cement your reputation as a leader in the industry. One of the top drivers for attending a conference is networking, according to the International Exhibition of Associations and Events, a leading association for the global exhibition industry. Learning tried-and-true tricks of the trade make networking is a vital component of business for a CCI technician.

Share. Here is a chance to shine. Sharing your success stories with other technicians at the conference is key. We are proud of your hard work and want to make sure everyone hears the unique ways you are succeeding as a CCI technician. Sharing your triumphs will help solidify your status as a stellar technician.

Take home a winner. The conference showcases best practices you can implement in the field. Make sure to take home a winner and implement at least one thing you learn at the conference. CCI advises technicians to keep an open mind at the conference and carefully analyze new information before deciding it isn’t useful to you. Keep an open mind and allow for change.

Fun. All work and no play makes technicians grouchy. Everyone deserves a break from the field. Our technicians work hard serving our customers and need time to recharge. Socializing with people who understand the challenges and achievements of your work helps you refresh and makes you ready to tackle your job with renewed dedication.

Once you book your tickets to our annual conference, do your homework to make the most of the event. Make a list of how you’re hoping to improve your business. Think about who you want to see at the conference and develop a plan of attack before you arrive to help you discover real solutions.

Learn more about how CCI supports its employees by encouraging training and technician career opportunities with CCI, here — www.wecanfixthat.com.