Meet the Team: Grapevine, TX Franchise Owner and Operator Jon Kleck

June 20, 2016

Jon Kleck never expected to find his dream job at “work.” But that’s what happened when the 46-year-old resident of Grapevine, TX was blown away by watching a Creative Colors’ technician work her magic. Here’s an interview with him about his business.

What was the catalyst for you deciding to own your own Creative Colors International (CCI) franchise?

I was working at an RV (recreational vehicle) shop as the director of operations over service and parts. A Creative Colors technician, Rebecca Preston of nearby South Fort Worth, came in on a particularly stressful day to do some repairs for us. In the RV business, tears in the floors happen more than one might think. I watched Rebecca work and was fascinated by her product and impressed by her work ethic. I talked to Rebecca about how to get started in CCI and here I am.

Was there a particular “quality of life” issue that spurred you into the decision to own your own franchise?

Oh, yeah. I wanted to do my own thing. That’s the American Dream… to own your own business. Now I am not working for Corporate America. I am having fun. That makes it all worth it.

What were the things that most attracted you to CCI? Why not a different franchise?

I liked the fact that it wasn’t a desk job. It was me in front of the customer. I liked making sure, personally, that the customer is taken care of. I enjoy being in my van and driving out to my customer. I also believe strongly in the product and service we offer, and I like the fact that we can save the customer as much as 90% over replacement costs.

What experience or training was required to start your CCI franchise?

The company offers 3 weeks of intensive training. You can know nothing about this business going in and come out after the training prepared to start your own business. And since you’re mixing and matching colors, it helps if you are not color blind!

Does the company offer franchisees help after the training is over?

Yes, they are there for us. If I am in the field doing a repair and have a question, all I have to do is call corporate. They always answer the phone and deliver the help/answers I need. They want me and all other franchisees and technicians to succeed.

What do you think of the “We Can Fix That!” motto?

It opens doors to questions from our customers. And the good news is, we can always find an answer/provide a solution. We can fix practically anything and I like that!

Have you found a niche in the market for a certain kind of customer?

Right now we are targeting doctors’ offices and hospitals. But we get a lot of our current business from homeowners. The good news, though, is that the CCI business model works for countless industries (restaurants, RV dealers, auto dealers, etc.), so we are never limited!

What are your dreams for your business?

I try to take it one day at a time. But eventually, I would like to add at least two more vans and technicians. Even then, I plan to continue driving my own van and doing repairs. I like being face to face with the customer.

How has owning your own Creative Colors franchise affected your family?

Well, it’s just my wife and I and our two dogs now that our daughter is grown. But my wife is jealous! She still works for corporate America and wishes she had the freedom during her day that I do. But she is really very supportive. She thinks it’s awesome.

What are some tips for others who are considering buying a Creative Colors franchise?

I recommend calling a franchise owner and just talking to them. They can tell you all you need to know.

What are the financial rewards?

I am getting close to earning what I used to make. I’ve been in business just over a year. But being my own boss is an extra reward that you can’t put a price on.