Recommitment Month Has Passed – Time to Commit to Repairing and Restoring Year-round!

May 31, 2016

It’s always a good time to show your stuff that you care!

We’re just a few days late, so we’d like to take a moment to extend May’s National Recommitment Month! As you continue to take the time to recommit to your favorite hobbies and your friends throughout the year, don’t forget that you can also toss some TLC towards your stuff. That’s right, you can also recommit to your long-neglected couch, car, boat or RV.

Terri Sniegolski, Creative Colors International’s CEO, says a little elbow grease on that vehicle, carpet or other surfaces can make a big difference. Her tips:

  • A good cleaning goes a long way! Use 10 parts water to 1-part Ivory liquid dish soap to clean leather and vinyl seats and dashboards.
  • Do a good detailing—the small things count, like wiping individual buttons and using a cotton swab to dig gunk out of crevices.
  • Use carpet cleaner for carpets. If color is faded on seats or carpet, have it re-dyed.
  • For tears that have been rigged with duct tape, have it repaired and eliminate the duct tape!
  • Stains can be removed or dyed. Small holes should be repaired before they become too large.

Sniegolski says recommitting to your belongings by doing a deep cleaning can give you a sense of self-satisfaction. “It will cause a feeling of accomplishment. You know, the good feeling you get when you purchase something new but paid next to nothing for it?”

Of course, there comes a time when repairs are not going to make a big enough difference. Sniegolski says, “If leather or vinyl is very dried out, and the material shows signs of cracking, you will eventually need to have the material replaced. Leather will feel like dried skin right before it starts to disintegrate.”

If in doubt about whether to repair or replace, the best thing to do is to call an expert from Creative Colors. They will come out to your house and evaluate whether they can repair any item for up to 90% what it costs to replace it. With our “We Can Fix That” philosophy, you’ll be surprised at what we can repair!

And if you are a professional with outdated office furniture, Sniegolski says it’s even more important to recommit to your stuff. “It’s crucial for a business owner to put their best face forward,” Sniegolski says. “So, absolutely recommit to your office furniture, restaurant booths, waiting room chairs, etc. Catching smaller tears before they become too large will save on reupholstering dollars.”

So, although Recommitment Month has come to a close, this is the perfect time to make mid-year resolutions and show some love to your stuff. It may cost you a little time and spit and polish, but the money you can save in the long run, and your feeling of self-accomplishment, will be well worth it!