What does leather conditioner do?

November 26, 2021

Despite its durability, leather is one of the most delicate surfaces to clean or condition. With Creative Colors International’s professional services and conditioner kits, maintaining the natural beauty of leather products has never been easier.

Applying Leather Conditioner to Sofa

Like other skins, leather requires repeated moisturizing to remain supple, soft and protected. Feel your leather product, such as a couch arm; does it squeak when squeezed? Are there visible wrinkles or cracks? If so, the surface is likely in need of conditioning.

CCI’s water-repellent formula penetrates deep into leather's pores and prolongs the life of saddles and tack; boots, gloves, baseball mitts and apparel; leather furniture; as well as automobile, motorcycle, boat and plane seats, accessories and more.

While home remedies and internet advice can be risky, CCI technicians are trained in hand brushing with proprietary cleaners as steam is too intense. CCI offers recurring on-site visits, including the quarterly, semi-annual and annual conditioning of products such as fleet interiors and restaurant furniture, which often encounter a variety of users and above-average wear.

In between professional treatments, consider CCI’s water-based conditioner for smaller projects, available in multiple sizes.

When applying CCI conditioner, first, be sure your hands and cloth are clean. Apply a small amount of conditioner to the cloth and lightly cover the surface; the most common mistake in treating leather is applying too much product, which can result in unsightly stains. Also, be careful not to make the mistake of using homemade or DIY-based leather conditioners, such as canola oil, coconut oil, olive oil or any other cooking product. Spread CCI conditioner evenly across the leather, filling in crevices and corners, and allow to sit for a few minutes. With a circular motion much like buffing a car, cover the surface in conditioner and notice the revitalization. Repeat the process every few months depending on the surface’s frequency of use.

To find out how conditioning services can improve your fleet, furniture or other leather products, contact a CCI leather repair expert today.