Benefits of Auto Reconditioning & What it Costs

October 5, 2022

Are you looking for the best way to repair, restore, or renew the vehicles in your used-car fleet to get top dollar? Learn how partnering with Creative Colors International for auto reconditioning services is a good investment.

Used Car Prices Start to Normalize

Slowdowns in production following the pandemic outbreak sent car prices sky high. Limited inventory and long waits for new vehicles caused prices to jump, and experts predict the cost of new cars will continue to surge. New car prices were forecast to set records in August, with the average transaction price for a new vehicle reaching an all-time high of $46,259, according to J.D. Power & Associates. High interest rates are making car payments on new vehicles out of reach for many Americans. The average finance payment was expected to hit $716.

To stay on budget, many customers are turning to used cars. The shift initially caused a run on used cars, and customers were forced to make quick decisions or miss out on their pre-owned vehicle of choice. Dismissing a used vehicle with a bit more wear and tear was not an option.

But, seasonality is prompting the price of three-year-old vehicles to decline. The average transaction price for a three-year-old vehicle is down 4.6% to $31,302 in July, versus the 2022 peak price of $32,828 in January, according to Edmonds, an online car-buying resource.

The decline in prices is welcome news for customers and gives them a larger cushion to do research and visit multiple dealerships. To prevent used-car sales from slipping through your fingers, now is the time to take steps to ensure your pre-owned fleet stays on top of the competition.

Auto Reconditioning Improves Vehicle Value

Auto reconditioning can make all the difference in getting a customer to shake hands on a used-car deal. Dealer service stations check under the hood to make sure a car is in tip-top shape before it hits the sales floor. Mechanics conduct a thorough inspection of the engine, as well as the brakes, suspension, and electrical system. Potential buyers want assurance their used car is ready to hit the open road.

Aside from mechanical repairs, the appearance of the vehicle can make or break a sale. Auto reconditioning is important to smooth out dings, dents, and paint chips. Fixing interior flaws can also increase a car’s value.

We Can Fix That!

CCI is the mobile leader in auto reconditioning. Our team of upholstery repair professionals understands the ebbs and flows of the automotive industry. We have more than 30 years of experience helping car dealerships get a high sale price for trade-ins in a timely manner. CCI strives to help our clients meet their customer service goals to keep profits on an upward trajectory.

CCI’s service technicians can help return your used cars to like-new condition. We offer car carpet care programs and pre-owned certification service with per-car pricing. Our service technicians can repair speaker covers, steering wheels, visors, and dashboards. They can also make automotive upholstery repairs by fixing rips, tears, scratches, and fading in vinyl, leather, and upholstery. CCI offers wholesale discounts, which allow you to turn a profit by invoicing customers with resale pricing.

CCI’s service technicians are also available to help car owners make their aging vehicles shine. People are keeping their vehicles longer than ever. Despite meticulous care, every vehicle will experience wear. If your personal vehicle is starting to show its age, a CCI service technician can make on-site repairs at your home or office.

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