Finding the Home-Based Franchise to Fit Your Lifestyle

October 19, 2022

Interested in owning a home-based franchise? Creative Colors International helps explain why work-from-home franchises are booming and how to choose the opportunity that's right for you.

Workplace Burnout on the Rise

If you’ve spent your career in corporate America, the daily grind leaves little room for flexibility. Working 9-to-5 and finding room to take care of family obligations, household tasks, and self-care can be a struggle. To make matters worse, the average American spends 55 minutes a day commuting to work, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. A whopping 9.8% of people spend more than two hours driving to and from the office. Although podcasts and streaming music are making the ride a more pleasant experience, it still takes valuable time out of the day.

Achieving work-life balance in corporate America is like finding a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. At least 50% of American workers are disengaged at the office, according to a Gallup poll. Lack of job security and upheaval over the past two years is making it difficult for workers to understand their expectations and connect with their company’s mission. High stress and burnout are prompting people to take a step back and re-evaluate their priorities. More than half of people last year were feeling burned out at work. As a result, many people are exploring remote work to help improve work-life balance and increase flexibility.

Advantages of a Home Office

Working from a home office has many advantages. In addition to slashing your commute, working from home can give you more flexibility and allow you to multitask. Tossing in a load of laundry before a meeting or squeezing in exercise during your lunch break helps give people more time to unwind when they’re off the clock.

Many people are more productive when they’re not distracted by co-workers gathered at the water cooler to gossip. A home office is quieter, making it easier to stay focused. People who work at home can take short breaks when they need to recharge, putting them in a better mindset to get the job done.

Working from home is cheaper than heading out to the office. Not only do you save money on gas, but you can downgrade your wardrobe and cut spending on work lunches and coffee breaks. People are further trimming costs by relocating. Cutting ties to an office allows you to move to an area with a lower cost of living and a better lifestyle. And you can take advantage of tax deductions for your home office.

There is a downside to a home office. Some people initially find it difficult to power down the computer and unplug at the end of the day. Stepping away from your home office requires discipline and practice. Working from home can make it difficult to connect with co-workers and management. Staying on top of video calls and fostering online connections can help improve connectivity.

Franchising Helps Achieve Home-Office Goals

Nearly half of small businesses are home-based, according to the U.S. Small Business Administration. Opportunities abound in the franchise industry if you’re considering entrepreneurship to meet your lifestyle and financial goals. Investing in a franchise gives entrepreneurs access to a recognized brand and a network of peers. Franchising ensures you have a proven business model and the training, guidance, and support you need to achieve your dream. Most home-based franchises have no inventory, which can make work-from-home opportunities easier to manage.

Dental Chair UpholsteryCCI Offers Home Field Advantage

A mobile opportunity can meet your goals if you’re still on the fence about opening a home-based franchise. As the industry leader in mobile leather and vinyl repair, CCI’s franchise partners reap the benefits of a home office. Our franchise owners have all the tools they need to serve customers in their mobile vans and conduct back-office administration from the comfort of a home office.

CCI has franchise territory agreements, including multi-territory opportunities for entrepreneurs who want to scale up quickly. With single territories also available, CCI is one of the best franchises for first-timers. We help you establish a designated customer base and guide you on the path toward success. People with previous business management, sales, and marketing experience can invest in a multi-territory franchise opportunity to focus on growth.

Our franchisees can hit the ground running by following our proven processes with a low initial investment ranging from $86,980 to $102,100. One of the franchise benefits of CCI is our comprehensive training program. We provide three weeks of hands-on training at our corporate headquarters to master repair techniques, operations, sales, and administrative guidance. CCI provides ongoing support through a toll-free hotline and online communication and support center, where we also help franchisees connect to share best practices.

Pandemic Helps Refocus Priorities

The outbreak of COVID-19 briefly altered the status quo of office life. Companies closed their offices, and employees were forced to work remotely to stay safe. People set up home offices and adapted by learning how to collaborate online and mastering the art of video conferencing. During that time, more than two-thirds of American families reported working from home more frequently, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Before the pandemic, only 23% of people worked from home.

Initially, life got more hectic for workers as they struggled to balance work, helping their children with remote school, and the stress associated with the pandemic. But as time wore on, people started to appreciate getting rid of the commute and began implementing strategies to turn work off at the end of the day. People found time to fit in exercise, start a new hobby, and finish home projects they had put on the back burner.

Many companies in the franchise industry were also forced to alter their strategy during this difficult season. They relied on virtual services and government assistance and new procedures to keep doing business. CCI went back to the drawing board and started offering sanitizing services. We debuted a one-step hospital-grade cleaner, deodorizer, and sanitizer designed for use on a variety of surfaces. The cleaner is an EPA-registered germicidal disinfectant that is hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly. The new product allowed our franchise owners to provide a valuable service to members of the community as people coped with the ramifications of the pandemic.

Explore CCI’s Home-Based Franchise

Achieve your lifestyle goals by opening a home-based franchise. CCI’s experienced management team can help you chart a new course in the leather restoration industry. To learn more about CCI, request franchise info and one of our franchise business consultants will be in touch.