Evolve Your Career for Growth With CCI

November 22, 2019

Are you tired of trying to climb the corporate ladder at a dull desk job? Are automation and outsourcing slowly making your career obsolete?

Finding a job that allows you to make your own hours and earn a great income is within reach if you are willing to think outside the corporate box and make a career evolution. November 24 is National Evolution Day, honoring the contributions Charles Darwin made to the scientific community. To mark this occasion, Creative Colors International Inc. is encouraging you to take control of your career with a job change and join its team as a certified service technician.

Darwin published his groundbreaking “On the Origin of Species,” which laid the foundation of evolutionary biology, on November 24, 1859, according to the Encyclopedia Britannica. The English naturalist’s theory of evolution through natural selection was sparked by studying birds on the Galapagos Islands off the coast of South America. Luckily, evolving your career takes a lot less time than the 20 years Darwin spent working on his masterpiece. CCI, the industry leader in on-site leather and vinyl repair, advises people weighing a career as a service technician to take some simple steps when considering a job evolution.

Make a plan. Write down your immediate career goals. Knowing what you want your career to provide is a key to making the right job choice. Do you want a job that provides work-life balance in a family-friendly environment? Or, is the size of your paycheck your primary concern? Luckily, CCI has a solution to both salary and scheduling. CCI’s high commission structure creates unlimited earning potential. Many locations offer a full benefits package, including 401k. CCI technicians can create their own work schedule, which gives flexibility to employees.

Never stop learning. Training and acquiring new skills are necessary for job growth. CCI offers a first-class training program. Technicians undergo extensive training and receive ongoing support from corporate headquarters. CCI’s three-week training program offers a step-by-step guide for technicians to follow.

Network. Building relationships can help your career flourish. At CCI, leather and vinyl technicians network to give each other advice on how to solve problems in the field. Technicians are given the tools to repair car interiors, RVs, furniture and vinyl flooring — but tips from technicians on the job can be invaluable to completing repairs in a timely fashion.

Be willing to take a risk. Even though many people want to escape the corporate rat race, making a big career change is daunting. Choosing a career at CCI is a safe bet. CCI works with many of the nation’s largest furniture manufacturers, warranty companies and restaurant chains. The family-owned company was started in 1980 by Jim and JoAnn Foster and the couple’s children sit at the helm today. The nationwide repair provider has a large, repeat client base and is in high demand for its services owing to family-friendly customer service and high-quality workmanship.


CCI is a great choice for workers interested in working hard to solve problems creatively. The company offers technicians numerous opportunities for growth and earnings. “The biggest benefit of being a CCI technician is that there’s no limit to how much money you can make. If you’re dedicated and work hard, your paycheck will be bigger. You’ll make more money if you work smart and fast,” said Patrick German, a CCI franchisee in Florida.

Don’t wait to evolve your career. Learn more about how CCI can help you boost your problem-solving skills in a satisfying and supportive environment — www.wecanfixthat.com.