Helping families feast in style

November 14, 2019

Creative Colors International Inc. is celebrating the Thanksgiving season by helping customers get their homes in tip-top shape for holiday guests.

While the dining room table serves as the heart of every home during the holiday season, the piece of furniture that likely gets the most use over Thanksgiving is the one in front of the big-screen television. For many Americans, cozying up on the couch to watch parades and football is a Thanksgiving tradition as important as eating turkey and pumpkin pie. The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, which features 26 floats, marching bands and giant character balloons, typically has approximately 50 million viewers worldwide, the department store chain reveals. Sports fans tune in to watch three NFL games on turkey day. Even the National Dog Show, which airs after the parade ends, garners 20 million viewers.

When making your holiday to-do list, don’t forget to make sure your couch is looking its best for guests who may want to watch TV or take a post-turkey nap. Over time, coffee spills and pet scratches can make your sofa look tired and worn. A CCI technician can fix stubborn wear and tear, saving the cost of replacing expensive furniture. CCI uses proprietary techniques to repair any rips or cracks in your couch and restore your valuable home furniture to its original appearance.


CCI is the leader in on-site repair and restoration of leather, vinyl and fabric for your furniture. Their trained technicians can repair or restore tears, burns, cuts, scratches and stains. They can also fix fading and color restoration and seam slippage. In addition to furniture, CCI technicians are trained to repair car and RV interiors and vinyl floors. CCI, which served its first customers 39 years ago, offers family-friendly customer service and reliable workmanship nationwide.

Once a CCI technician has made your furniture look like new, there are several easy steps they recommend to help prolong the life of your sofa.


Weekly cleaning. If you have a leather couch, clean it each week with a damp cloth. Vacuuming a cloth sofa to remove dirt and crumbs will help impede unnecessary wear and tear on the furniture’s fabric.

Spot clean. Clean and treat a spill immediately. Getting rid of a stain rather than tossing a pillow over it will make your overall furniture look better. The primary culprits of stains are red wine and coffee.

Protect. If you have a pet that likes to snuggle next to you on the sofa, protect your furniture with a blanket that you can wash regularly to prevent odor and limit hard-to-remove pet hair.

Rotate. Rotate and flip the sofa cushions to limit uneven wear. Repositioning your sofa in the family room regularly can also help prevent fading in one spot from sunlight.

Condition. Leather couches require frequent conditioning to stop drying and cracking. Using animal fats or household chemicals on leather sofas can damage the leather. CCI technicians provide customers with a leather cleaner and conditioner kit for maintenance.

Let CCI help you celebrate Thanksgiving by making the furniture in your family room shine. Get your quote today.