August 23, 2019


When it comes to Creative Colors International’s advanced process for repairing your damaged items, seeing really is believing. For instance, when most people think about CCI’s methods for repairing, restoring or replacing damaged vinyl, leather, fabric or plastic items, they instantly think about our work with automobiles, RV’s, and boats. But did you know that that same process has helped those in the medical and healthcare industries save thousands of dollars? So in honor of National Eye Exam Month, let’s “focus” on how we can help your ophthalmology or optometry practice save money!

Let’s take a look at the waiting room.

You’ve heard the old saying, “You never get a second chance to make a good first impression.” Well, your lobby is probably where your patients will make their first impressions about your business. You want your waiting room to be comfortable and clean, but it also serves another purpose: it helps instill confidence! If your potential patients are sitting on chairs with ripped fabric or jagged tears in the leather or vinyl, then you probably aren’t going to make a very confidence-building impression.

Creative Colors International can help here! Before you spend big bucks replacing worn and faded waiting room furniture give us a call. Our mobile technicians can repair torn surfaces and even re-dye worn and faded furniture, making it all look like new again. All your patients will know is that they are in a comfortable, clean, and calming space while they wait to see the doctor.

The front office first impression.

Your administrative spaces really serve two purposes: they should be designed to keep the customer experience positive, but they also serve a more subtle mission of helping keep your employees happy. When patients check in, you want them to see a smiling and confident employee on the other side, not a cluttered mess, littered with shabby furniture that’s definitely seen better days. That’s a vision no one wants to see!

Creative Colors International can make your office furniture look brand new. We have a wide selection of rich, inviting hues and fabrics that can match your color scheme so that we can make your office look as fresh as it did on the day you first opened. Not only will your customers notice, so will your employees. Who wants to spend hours sitting in a chair with exposed tears or rips (or better yet, a duct tape repair job!)? Your employees will appreciate furniture that adds an extra layer of comfort, making great job performance that much easier.

Examining your patient spaces.

Here’s where the sticker shock can really get you! The cost of replacing an exam chair can be “out of sight!” The prices on some models can edge up to the $10,000 mark. Then you’ll need to include potential downtime for your practice while a new chair is installed. What about your exam stool? Those can take a beating with the heavy use they receive daily. The last thing you want your patient to see when they walk into a room is an exam table with a giant rip or a hasty repair job accomplished with tape! The certified technicians with Creative Colors International can revitalize your exam room furnishings and save you as much as 90 percent off the replacement cost.

We come to you!

It’s crystal clear: Creative Colors International saves you money AND time. Our units are mobile — we come to YOU. You won’t have to shut down your office or lose any days. We come to your office and repair your furniture around your schedule so you can keep your office open and running smoothly.

Physicians, dentists, physical therapists — even care facilities and hospitals: Creative Colors International can work for you and help revitalize your spaces until they look brand new. Contact Creative Colors International and let us share our “vision” with you.