August 6, 2019


As we roll into August, you don’t need a calendar to tell you we’ve hit the “dog days of summer.” All you really have to do is step outside and let the heat wash over you or perhaps walk across your lawn. (Can grass actually crunch?!)

It’s not just your lawn or yourself that takes a beating this time of year. Some of your most expensive investments are experiencing a double whammy: extreme temperatures and increased use and abuse! Creative Colors International can help take the sting out of the summer burn… and save you tons of cash versus replacement.

Here are five surfaces that we can make spring-like new with our advanced repair and restore process. 

Cracked and/or faded car interiors. If your car is parked in the direct sunlight on a hot summer day, you’ve basically got a low-key oven on your hands. Researchers found that on an average 95-degree day, the dashboard of a car parked in the sun reached an amazing 157 degrees. The steering wheel hovered around 127 degrees while the seats were a leg-sizzling 123 degrees. Dashboards and steering wheels take the brunt of the sun’s rays, causing fading and cracking. Our process can return your vehicle’s interior to a like-new condition, saving you money and restoring the value of your investment.


Torn flooring on your RV or motor home. It comes as no surprise that RVs and the like are put through their paces over the summer because, hey, KIDS! They’re out of school, out of their minds with excitement to be going somewhere, and definitely NOT thinking about taking it easy on your RV’s vinyl or linoleum flooring. Tears, holes, and even punctures are not uncommon, but certainly not unfixable. At Creative Colors International “we can fix that!” Of course, saving your money is great, but what might be even greater: we come to you with our mobile unit to make the necessary repairs! You don’t have to haul your RV anywhere. Just park it as usual and we will come to you!


Ripped seats on your boat or jet-ski. If you’re lucky enough to own a fishing boat, a pontoon cruiser or even a sailboat or yacht, then you know that nothing that spends that much time in the sun, on the water (maybe even with salt added in!) is going to maintain its “like new” luster. The heavy use that comes with summer days means your water ride is ripe for rips and tears. All it takes is a sharp edge on one ice chest, slowly dragged across the top of a seat to turn your pride into pain! A quick call to CCI, and we will have your seats and upholstery repaired and restored in no time!


The most popular seat in the house. Who doesn’t want to sit in “the booth by the window” at their favorite restaurant? After all, you get a comfy seat with a great view and snacks to boot! But the best seats are the very ones that will start showing their wear and tear first. The sun blasting through that great window adds to the problem, making the seating more susceptible to tears and rips. Creative Colors International can save your seats and make them look brand new. Not only will it save you 90 percent of the cost of a replacement, the best seat in the house will be available for customers again in no time!

Convertible tops with rips and tears. Your car’s convertible top will go through a lot of ups and downs through the summer. It’s no surprise that accidents will happen. But also consider that the constant beating from the sun the top is taking can make it even more susceptible. We can have your vehicles top in tip-top shape. Our process can make it look brand new.

So get outside and enjoy the outdoors, before you’re forced inside by winter weather! Creative Colors International is the ultimate on-site repair and restoration service that will save you time and money. Hey, that means one more trip!!!!

If you’d like to learn more, give us a call at 800-933-2656 or request a quote directly at https://wecanfixthat.com/request-a-quote.