June 13, 2019


These days, it’s hard for some people to imagine what life was like before the invention of the humble sewing machine. If you think about it though, the sewing machine was really a pretty amazing invention. Before it came on the scene, every piece of clothing owned by a family had to be hand sewn. But after the sewing machine was invented, and then put to industrial applications, that burden was lifted. Clothes could be manufactured on a large scale in huge factories. In celebration of that achievement, National Sewing Machine Day is observed annually on June 13th.

But even as we celebrate that advancement we remember the care and detail that goes into work done by hand. At Creative Colors International we can appreciate technological advancements and work done by hand and we think that’s what makes CCI such a great place to work for and a great place to work with.

At CCI we use the latest technology, but in a different way. Our work isn’t performed in some faceless factory by some nameless machine; it’s done using the latest techniques, by hand, on-site, by our friendly technicians. Building relationships with customers goes hand in hand with building their trust. When they have an automotive dashboard with a crack or a boat seat with a tear, they’re going to phone a person to come and fix it…not rip it out and send it off for repairs. Every time you go on a service call you’re building a relationship with a customer “stitch by stitch.”

And we believe in that same philosophy when it comes to our company culture. We want to earn your trust and build our relationship with you with every opportunity taken and every commission earned. Not only do we want to exceed our customers expectations, we also want to exceed our technicians’ expectations and we’re working to accomplish that “inch by inch.”

Creative Colors International has built a business around our “can do” attitude (it’s why our motto is “We Can Fix That!”)…and it’s not just reserved for our customers. Just like the detail oriented work from days of sewing past, we want to make sure our service technicians receive the training and the continued support they need in order to be successful. Our collaboration hub Slack allows you to connect with experts who’ll have answers for your questions pretty much twenty-four hours a day. If you’re faced with a repair that you’re not sure about, chances are someone who’s done something similar will be available to help you.

Creative Colors International works hard to put technology to work for us…but not replace us. We believe that together with our technicians and our customers we can build and maintain strong and financially rewarding opportunities where quality and pride go hand in hand. We can “stitch” together a community that relies on each other to make business beneficial for all.

Interested in learning more about our “stitch by stitch” company culture and available job opportunities?  You can learn more about being a Creative Colors International certified technician by visiting here. If you are considering becoming a franchise owner, visit here.