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  • Booming Franchise Growth Offers Career Alternative

    Capitalize on the booming franchising industry by considering a recession-proof career as a service technician with Creative Colors International Inc., a leader in leather and vinyl repair. Propelled by the rollout of the vaccine and the reopening of schools across... ... Continue Reading
  • CCI Career Untethers Workers From Desk Job

    Creative Colors International Inc. provides service technicians with a fulfilling career that allows them to enjoy the warm weather of spring and break free from their desk job. In 2020, on average, civilian workers spent 42.7 percent of their workday... ... Continue Reading
  • Resolve to Discover a New Career Path this Year

    As 2021 dawns, resolve to discover a career that offers the income you desire and the flexibility your family needs as a technician with Creative Colors International. If your current career is leaving you feeling battered and bruised, it’s time... ... Continue Reading
  • Shore Up Job Security by Picking a Recession-Resistant Role

    Having confidence that a potential employer can weather tough economic times is an important consideration when making a career change. Salary, growth potential and benefits are all important factors to evaluate when doing your due diligence on a potential new... ... Continue Reading
  • CCI Puts Laid-Off Workers in Driver’s Seat

    If you are a victim of the turbulent economy during this unprecedented time, reevaluate your priorities and opt for a mobile career in the leather and vinyl repair industry that offers stability and work-life balance. The latest unemployment numbers indicate... ... Continue Reading
  • Flexible Schedules Allow CCI Technicians to Trash Timecards

    Creative Colors International is marking National Punch the Clock Day on January 27 by encouraging workers to celebrate by tossing their timecards and opting for a new career offering flexible schedules and creative opportunity. Jeweler Willard Legrand Bundy is recognized... ... Continue Reading
  • CCI Technicians Make Family a Holiday Priority

    Creative Colors International Inc. is lighting up the holiday season by offering workers interested in venturing down a new career path the chance to conquer Christmas spending hurdles, reduce stress and enjoy quality family time. The holidays are a season... ... Continue Reading
  • Weighing Options to Uncover Lasting Career Satisfaction

    Creative Colors International Inc. is celebrating National Evaluate Your Life Day by asking its certified leather and vinyl technicians to take time to reflect on their career opportunities for promotion and profitability. Punching a time clock and managing daily responsibilities... ... Continue Reading
  • Score Big by Attending CCI’s Annual Conference

    One of the reasons you chose a career as a technician at Creative Colors International Inc. was to give yourself the freedom to set your own schedule. Adding CCI’s annual Creative Colors International Conference & Awards Gala to your calendar... ... Continue Reading

    Some people are committed to so many things in their life that they can get overwhelmed and lose focus. Life happens. Things change. Sometimes it is easy to forget what your original goals were when you made the commitment in... ... Continue Reading