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  • CCI Puts Laid-Off Workers in Driver’s Seat

    If you are a victim of the turbulent economy during this unprecedented time, reevaluate your priorities and opt for a mobile career in the leather and vinyl repair industry that offers stability and work-life balance. The latest unemployment numbers indicate... ... Continue Reading
  • CCI Manager Offers Tips to Keep Business on Track During Pandemic

    Perseverance, commitment and hard work helped the Creative Colors International franchise in Milwaukee maintain it sales at auto dealerships in the area despite the outbreak of the novel coronavirus. The impact of COVID-19 sent car sales plummeting at auto dealerships... ... Continue Reading
  • Revolutionary Disinfecting Service Fuels Car Sales

    Creative Colors International Inc. recently launched an innovative sanitizing and disinfecting service designed to provide car dealers with another tool to bolster vehicle sales and protect the health and safety of its customers. The automobile industry typically flourishes as temperatures... ... Continue Reading
  • CCI’s Cleaning Products Help Ensure Employee Safety

    Creative Colors International Inc. is taking steps to ensure its service technicians are safe, confident and secure during this difficult time while continuing to provide stellar service to its valued customers. Health and safety at the workplace are paramount to... ... Continue Reading
  • Weighing Options to Uncover Lasting Career Satisfaction

    Creative Colors International Inc. is celebrating National Evaluate Your Life Day by asking its certified leather and vinyl technicians to take time to reflect on their career opportunities for promotion and profitability. Punching a time clock and managing daily responsibilities... ... Continue Reading
  • Score Big by Attending CCI’s Annual Conference

    One of the reasons you chose a career as a technician at Creative Colors International Inc. was to give yourself the freedom to set your own schedule. Adding CCI’s annual Creative Colors International Conference & Awards Gala to your calendar... ... Continue Reading