May 27, 2019


The sun is friend and foe, all in one big bundle of gases!

It gives us warm, sunny days that make us want to get outside and enjoy nature. It can also give you a painful sunburn you’re not soon going to forget. No question about it, sunscreen is important in your efforts to protect your skin from the damaging effects of the sun.

And while it’s debatable whether National Sunscreen Day is May 24 or May 27, it’s certainly celebrated this time of year for a reason.  Memorial Day weekend kicks the summer months when the sun beats down with blazing brutality, damaging everything that it touches, and your car and boat can be prime targets, too.

So, what kind of “sunscreen” can you use to protect your vehicle or boat from damage?   Here’s what we’d recommend at Creative Colors International to keep those valuable investments looking like new.

Full Exposure! Keep Your Vehicle Smoking

You want to keep your car looking “hot,” but the sun can wreak havoc on the interior. Some interesting findings from the State Farm Vehicle Research Facility:

  • Interior air temperatures have been recorded well in excess of 145°F.
  • Interior surfaces exposed to direct sunlight had recorded temperatures in excess of 195°F.

That’s enough power to crack and fade your dashboard, consoles, seats, or even your flooring. Just like it ages your skin, the sun is aging your vehicle’s interior well before its time turning your new car to old in just a matter of years.

But whatever damage the sun (and your kids for that matter!) can do to your car, you don’t need to worry because We Can Fix That! Creative Colors International knows that it’s important to preserve your vehicle for as long as possible. Our expert service technicians can offer you the ultimate repair and restoration of vinyl, plastic, and fabric — all on-site and all for cost savings that won’t burn a hole in your wallet. From nicked and faded dashboards, upholstery or leather seats, vehicle carpet repair or restoration, even convertible tops — Creative Colors International can take your vehicle and have it looking like new in no-time.

Sun and Salt — So Long!

By its very nature, your boat is going to get the worst of it! Every time you use it, you know your family is in for a fun time while your boat is in for a rough ride. You can simply slather yourself and your family with sunscreen, but what’s going to protect your boat?

Consider Creative Colors International your boat’s sunscreen. Recreational boats, yachts, pontoons, or jet ski’s — whatever your watercraft of choice, our expert technicians are trained to restore and repair all the components that take a beating from your days on the water.

We can make boat seats and upholstery, carpeting, beds, ceilings, boat tops, and even engine enclosures look like new. Our restoration services can salvage some of the most damaged components, saving you up to 90 percent in replacement expenses. Our certified technicians come to you. You don’t have to haul your boat across town. You may not even have to pull it out of the water! Your family doesn’t have to miss a day of fun. Our work comes with a satisfaction guarantee and warranty and our technicians are all fully certified, insured, bonded, and licensed.

Don’t let the sun suck the life out of your vehicle or boat. Let Creative Colors International bring new life to your worn, torn, and faded cars, trucks, and watercrafts. The money you save will have you shining brightly!

If you’d like to learn more, give us a call at 800-933-2656 or request a quote directly at https://wecanfixthat.com/request-a-quote/#.XOgTTohKg2w.