May 9, 2019


Getting any business off the ground and up and running isn’t easy. It takes drive and determination.  Making a business a success requires pride in what you’re doing and the perseverance to stay the course through the tough times. In the end, you’re left with the American Dream: a business that is successful because of you! It allows you the time and the ability to enjoy freedom in a way you might never have thought possible.

That’s why veterans make PERFECT franchise owners.

Creative Colors International understands the particular skill set veterans bring to the table. After all, we were named one of the Top Franchises for Veterans in 2018 by Franchise Business Review — one of only 80 franchises to be given the award. It’s based solely on surveys of actual veteran-franchisees.

So why are veterans and Creative Colors International (CCI) such a perfect fit? In honor of Military Appreciation Month, let’s list the top three reasons every veteran should consider CCI franchise ownership as their best path toward the American Dream.

Veterans make great CCI owners because you already have a strong work ethic.

As the recognized leader in the repair, reconditioning, protection, and color restoration of leather, vinyl, fabric, plastic and carpeting we already enjoy a strong reputation in the automotive, marine and RV markets. But your income potential is unlimited! Our services are perfect for the commercial, residential and medical markets as well. Our highly trained technicians have repaired everything from furniture in hotel lobbies and booths in restaurants to recliner/beds in hospital patient rooms.

We know veterans have a desire to get the job done and to get the job done right! It can be frustrating to many veterans re-entering the civilian workforce to see (and depend upon!) others who don’t have the same work ethic. The motivation and drive developed during your years in the armed services equal success to the self-employed.

Veterans make great CCI owners because you already know how to accomplish a mission.

With a Creative Colors International franchise, you aren’t left to figure it out on your own. We already have a proven system to follow, with procedures that are in place. All you have to do is execute. Once you are trained, we step out of the way and let you do your job. Our franchisees receive an intensive four-week training period, but our team is always there to answer questions and provide support if you need it.

As we say at CCI: go into business for yourself, not by yourself!

Veterans make great CCI owners because you already know the power of teamwork.

Make no mistake! As a Creative Colors International franchisee, you’ll be your own boss, but you’ll also be a part of a team.

As you work with clients and show them how our restoration services can salvage some of their most damaged items — saving them as much as 90 percent of the cost of a replacement – you’ll become a part of their team! Your expertise and dependability will make you a valued asset to their business!

Veterans emerge from service with strong leadership skills and an understanding of teams. You’ll find these skills are crucial to making your franchise a success and believe it or not, not everyone has them! That’s why CCI works hard to encourage veterans to investigate the opportunities we have available for them.


Franchising is a great opportunity for veterans. According to VetFran, veterans make up about 7 percent of the population, but they account for 14 percent of all franchisees in America! There’s a good reason for that.

Franchising is a great opportunity for veterans, and Creative Colors International has the door open. You bring the drive and determination… leave the rest up to us.

For more information about Creative Colors International franchise opportunities, please visit https://www.wecanfixthat.com/.