Flexible Schedules Allow CCI Technicians to Trash Timecards

January 27, 2020

Creative Colors International is marking National Punch the Clock Day on January 27 by encouraging workers to celebrate by tossing their timecards and opting for a new career offering flexible schedules and creative opportunity.

Jeweler Willard Legrand Bundy is recognized for inventing the first timeclock in 1888, according to various reports. His Binghamton, New York-based manufacturing firm’s early contracts were with the United States Post Office and the Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Railroad. The invention of the timeclock provided workers with a reliable tracking system to ensure they got paid for the hours they were on the job. Now, the iconic motion of punching in and out each day has become a cultural symbol of employee stress and monotony for many hard-working Americans. Country music sensation Dolly Parton wrote a legendary tune, “9 to 5,” that serves as an inspirational theme song for workers clocking the daily grind. Fred Flintstone punched a daily timecard at the rock quarry in the popular animated series, and images of factory workers lining up to punch their timecards abound.

If you are tired of traffic, inflexible schedules and the everyday monotony of clocking in and out at the office, it is time to explore a role as a service technician at CCI. The mobile leather and vinyl repair company offers employees the opportunity to do exciting and creative work. New locations and different repairs provide challenging experiences each day that let employees put their creative skills to work.

CCI opened its doors in 1991 as the franchising arm of J&J’s Creative Colors Inc., which first started offering mobile leather repair in 1980. CCI is the leader in mobile leather, vinyl and fabric repair and restoration. Service technicians use proprietary techniques to repair and restore furniture, automobiles, boats and RVs.

If you are still reluctant to ditch your timecard, here are the top three reasons to quit the daily grind and try a new career as a CCI service technician.

  1. Unlimited earnings potential – Employees have the opportunity to stop living paycheck to paycheck by taking advantage of CCI’s high commission structure. They can create their own work schedules and take advantage of unlimited earnings potential. The more clients they service, the more money they earn.
  2. Certain locations offer a full benefits package – Healthcare costs are a major concern for working Americans. U.S. health care spending grew 4.6 percent in 2018, reaching $3.6 trillion or $11,172 per person, according to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, which provides official estimates of total healthcare spending in the United States. CCI’s focus on family values by offering affordable benefits, including 401(K), makes it an easy choice for employees eyeing a career change.
  3. Repeat client base and high demand for services – CCI customers know the company works hard to instill a family atmosphere among all of our franchisees. CCI banks on family-friendly customer service and superior workmanship, which guarantees repeat business and high demand.

CCI and its franchisees are bucking the trend of workplace dissatisfaction by relying on devotion to family values, an in-depth training program and employee perks to make it a draw for hard workers interested in pursuing a positive career. Fifty-two percent of U.S. workers planned to look for a new job in 2019, according to a study conducted by Adtaxi, a digital marketing firm. Only 15 percent of employees worldwide are involved and enthusiastic about their job, reports Gallup, a global analytics and advice firm. High employee turnover, worker apathy and on-the-job stress are concerns for most business owners.

CCI provides pre-employment training and on-the-job support to ensure the success of each technician. Technicians also have access to telephone and online options for questions that arise when they are using CCI’s proprietary techniques to restore, dye and repair leather, plastics, vinyl, fabric and fiberglass.

If you’re ready to stop living paycheck to paycheck and toss your timecard in the trash, fill out an online application for a role as a service technician at CCI.