Shore Up Job Security by Picking a Recession-Resistant Role

October 26, 2020

Having confidence that a potential employer can weather tough economic times is an important consideration when making a career change.

Salary, growth potential and benefits are all important factors to evaluate when doing your due diligence on a potential new employer. Current events are prompting job seekers to analyze whether the company they are considering offers a recession-resistant business model. Paying close attention to how a potential employer is adjusting to the new normal can help ensure future job security. Creative Colors International Inc., the mobile leader in leather and vinyl repair, offers a recession-resistant business that has a long history of rolling with the punches during trying times.

Many companies are struggling to cope with the current economic climate. The COVID-19 pandemic sent businesses throughout the country scrambling to stay afloat. More than 19.4 million Americans lost their jobs since the first case of the novel coronavirus was reported in the United States eight months ago, the U.S. Department of Labor reported. It has been a tough time for small businesses, as well. More than 100,000 small businesses closed permanently during the pandemic, according to economic projections from several universities, including the Harvard Business School.

Many local companies had to get creative to generate sales while their neighbors were following stay-at-home orders. Restaurants quickly reopened with limited menus and launched curbside service and delivery. Gyms kept people in shape by hosting outdoor workout classes, and dance studios invited participants to perform in their living rooms via live-streaming lessons. As you evaluate a new job opportunity, pay attention to how their employees are faring during this time.

Creativity during difficult times is important, but recession-resistant companies historically rely on diversification and multiple revenue streams. Many companies shuttered their corporate offices and had employees telework to keep the business on track. In a similar vein, a small business that does not have to rely on a brick and mortar location can benefit during rough economic times because it allows owners to cover a wide territory and saves rental costs, which landlords still collect even when the business is closed.

“Creative Colors has endured four recessions during my tenure and our business is thriving,” said Mark J. Bollman, CCI’s president and co-owner. “Although some customers initially cut back at the start of the pandemic, our business model ultimately allows them to save money by restoring items rather than buying new. The introduction of our new Sanitizer & Disinfectant gave our franchisees a tool to provide customers with a new service to boost sales.”

CCI specializes in dyeing, repairing and restoring leather, fabric, vinyl, plastics and fiberglass to save customers from making costly replacements. CCI started as J&J Creative Colors in 1980. As growth continued through the years and additional mobile units were added, customer demands spurred the necessity for a much larger expansion program, which resulted in the creation of CCI as the company’s franchising arm in 1991.

New Product Provides Opportunity During Pandemic

CCI’s new cleaner is approved by the Environmental Protection Agency to be used to disinfect against COVID-19 and is an easy and effective solution for a variety of businesses. The hospital-grade sanitizer kills viruses, bacteria, mold and mildew. It can safely disinfect any business without drying or fading any of your surfaces. The new product gave service technicians the opportunity to continue to serve customers who may have been uneasy during this unprecedented time. Knowing your employer is providing innovative solutions to ensure its employees continue to receive a paycheck is reassuring.

CCI Services a Robust Customer Base

While the company focuses on the automotive industry, appealing to both new and used car dealerships, CCI’s service technicians can make repairs in a variety of businesses, including boats, planes, trains, restaurants and medical offices, as well as for individual homeowners. As a result, CCI’s overall portfolio remains balanced, despite the cyclical nature of the economy. CCI has a diverse B2B customer base through programs where our service technicians work as a subcontractor for companies who interface directly with the consumer. They make a product shine for the customer, and the company receives the credit.

As part of an effort to boost its B2C business, CCI offers customers leather care kits and upsells its certified reconditioning programs. During a recession, its B2C business flourishes because technicians help save customers money in replacement costs by restoring items to their original luster. Its environmentally-friendly philosophy and use of “green” water-based products resonate with today’s consumers, as well.

Great Benefits and Work-Life Balance

Service technicians at CCI receive ample training and support to serve customers. They have the opportunity to pursue unlimited earnings through a high commission structure model. Another advantage service technicians have is the ability to make their own schedules. This is especially important lately as workers face childcare challenges owing to kids going to school remotely. CCI prides itself on hiring service technicians who are self-motivated, energetic and eager workers.

To learn more about pursuing a recession-resistant career as a service technician at CCI, fill out an application here: www.wecanfixthat.com.